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Letter to the Editor: Tear down residential schools

Letter to the Editor by Larry Hiebert

Dear Editor,

At the end of May of this year, 215 bodies were discovered at a residential school near Kamloops B.C.

215 young kids who died needlessly, many died to hide the despicable things that the adults there did to them, so called people of God these adults were.

A very sickening discovery! My wife Rosie was a residential school survivor. She told me many heart wrenching stories (nightmares) of her experiences.

People are now totally upset, this has affected many Canadians and it dredged up horrible memories for many lovely native families.

Cries are going out demanding that the government do something, ‘Justine’ is calling this a genocide (surprising that he actually knows such a word). Get rid of John A. MacDonald’s statue, people are demanding. Why do this, getting rid of his statue won’t change a thing.

Here’s a suggestion, if residential schools are so horrible, which they are, why not tear them down? These schools are terrible places that bring up anger and bad memories for many having these schools standing there is not doing anyone any good.

— Larry Hiebert, Wetaskiwin