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Letter to the Editor: UCP government and the AISH program

Letter to the Editor by Larry Heibert

Dear Editor,

Lately we’ve heard quite a lot regarding the UCP government and the AISH program. So on Nov. 16, 2020 I read an article in the Edmonton Sun newspaper entitled “They’re freaking out”, yes many of them are.

Not all that long ago the Edmonton Sun interviewed some of these clients, yes sure they are worried, now the way they’re talking, almost to the point of crying, you might assume that their world has come to an end!

Being on AISH does have its perks through: free dental coverage and meds are covered as well—total bonus!

Now to be honest here, the fact of the matter is that most of AISH clients are truly deserving of these benefits. My wife Rosie was an AISH client. She fought like heck, three years to receive AISH. She had multiple disabilities and it use to frustrate her to hear of some people getting approved because they know how to milk the system.

I recall a young man a few years back who purposely made himself sick just to try to receive AISH. Never heard if he was successful, it’s people like him that the UCP government are going after. So if you are truly deserving and are disabled and decrepit then you have nothing to worry about. Look out if you’re not!

Thanks for letting me vent,

— Larry Heibert, Wetaskiwin