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Letter to the Editor: Wetaskiwin hospital parking

We have always had a parking area that gave us 15 minute allowance to drop off a specimen to the lab or drop off a patient.

Now, you must go to the $2.00 parking lots to do this.

I know this previous 15 minute area was constantly abused by everyone, and still is with NO PARKING signs posted.

Last week I observed several vehicles sitting in the no parking area while a Peace Officer on the north side by the Ambulance entrance seemingly ignored these vehicles ignoring the posted signs.

Either we enforce these regulations by ticketing them or towing them away. This would stop the offenders!

If the hospital needs these extra parking fees to support the hospital, then they need to set aside a drop off area for people stopping for a few minutes only.

We were in the $2.00 parking lot for less than 10 minutes to bring a specimen to the lab that was requested ASAP last week.

We do have a great hospital and staff!

Thanks to the hard work of the Wetaskiwin Hospital!

— Dwight Bergstrom, Wetaskiwin