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Hilgartner Pit Tender Results

County of Wetaskiwin awards Zulu Aggregates Crushing, Stockpiling and Other Work contract.

Wetaskiwin County Council awarded Contract 201-09276-00 for Crushing, Stockpiling and Other Work at the Hilgartner Gravel Pit, located at SW-29-45-23-W4M, to Zulu Aggregates the County General meeting Nov.24, 2020.

Zulu Aggregates had a bid of $769, 777 for the contract and a total projected cost of $873,609.20 including contract costs, contingencies and engineering.

The Strategic Business Plan 3208- Public Works Gravelling, Action directs Administration to attain a 50-year gravel supply for the entire County with everything over 50 years to be sold at market value the funds to be used for paving the road infrastructure.

Action within the same Business Pan 3208 directs Administration to crush gravel to provide a three-year minimum and a maximum five-year gravel inventory ready for use.

A tender was advertised for the contract for Crushing, Stockpiling, and Other Work at the Hilgartner Gravel Pit and closed at 2 p.m. on Nov.10, 2020.

The following five bids were received (amounts not including GST):

• Zulu Aggregates, $769,777.00;

• D-Ray Construction, $1,155,200.00;

• Hopkins Construction, $185,400.00;

• Richardson Brothers, $1,290,000.00;

• Associated Aggregates, $1,499,750.00.

WSP Canada Inc. reviewed the submitted tenders and recommended awarding the low bid of $769,777.00 from Margo Greenwood Consulting Inc. operating as Zulu Aggregates.

The total project cost estimates to crush approximately 200,000 tonnes are:

• Construction Costs, $769,777.00;

• Contingency (ten per cent), $76,977.70;

• Engineering, $26,854.50;

The project cost estimates total to $873,609.20.