Megan Paige (submitted/ Megan Paige Music)

Megan Paige (submitted/ Megan Paige Music)

Millet singer songwriter releases second single

18-year-old country music artist Megan Paige is excited to share her music

An 18-year-old singer and songwriter from Millet, Alta., is working on getting her big break in country music.

Megan Paige is balancing a growing music career and her final year of high school at Leduc Composite High School. Living just outside of Millet on an acreage, she says, “I loved growing up here.”

She says that the small town environment, “has influenced my music a lot.”

She also states that her interest in playing music and performing came from her family who all have musical affinities and would play around the house together. However, when it comes to choosing country music, Megan Paige says she got her country roots from her grandpa.

Starting a country music career hailing from a small Alberta town isn’t without its challenges she states — including promoting her music and accessing platforms to perform. This was only compounded by the COVID-19 virus which put a hiatus on live performances.

However, she said that one thing COVID allowed her to do as an artist was to focus on recording some of her singles.

“We did start this whole recording process over COVID.”

She laughs as she thinks of her experience recording her first single, ‘Best I Never Had’, saying that one day it will be a unique story that she looks back at. In fact, the entirety of her first single was recorded in the basement of an abandoned Chinese restaurant in Edmonton, Alta.

Her recently released second single, ‘Told Me You Loved Me’, co-written with her vocal coach Kym Simon and produced by CCMA Hall of Honour inductee Travis Switzer, is Megan Paige’s first single with writing credit.

She says that she originally wrote ‘Told Me You Loved Me’, in 2018 after experiencing her first heartbreak.

“I just really hope that people can relate,” she says.

Recently Megan Paige attended the Alberta Country Music Awards held in Red Deer, Alta., after being nominated for the Horizon Youth Award.

Megan Paige says that this year she is looking forward to recording more music, including another single written by her, and being able to perform live for crowds again.

In addition to local performances she says that since she is graduating high school this year, she is hoping to go down to Nashville and play down there.

“I’m just really excited for this next year.”

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Megan Paige (submitted/ Megan Paige Music)

Megan Paige (submitted/ Megan Paige Music)