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(Metro Creative Connection)

Alberta prepares for wildfire season

Wildland firefighters and equipment have been deployed across Alberta in preparation for the upcoming wildfire season.

The provincial government is taking the time to remind Albertan’s about the common causes of wildfires and proper cautions to take to avoid a fire burning out of control.

“Our priority is keeping Albertans and our communities safe,” said Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Rural Economic Development, Nate Horner in a provincial release.

“We continue to explore new technology and innovative wildland firefighting programs to evaluate what we need in Alberta’s wildfire management tool kit. We’re ready for whatever this summer throws at us.”

Nearly all spring wildfires are human-caused and in Alberta the wildfire hazard is highest in the spring when fuels like trees and grass can be extremely dry and flammable after the snow has melted.

The provincial government states, “everyone plays an active role in preventing wildfires.”

“Whether it’s an abandoned campfire, off-highway vehicle (OHV) exhaust, or agricultural burning, Albertans should use caution outdoors to help reduce the number of preventable wildfire.”

During the 2021 wildfire season, 1,309 wildfires burned a total of 52,955 hectares in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta and more than 60 per cent of 2021 wildfires were human-caused.