Wetaskiwin City Hall. File photo.

Wetaskiwin City Hall. File photo.

City of Wetaskiwin closes Wetaskiwin’s Archives for up to a year

Wetaskiwin City Council voted to temporarily close the archives at the Nov.9 Council meeting.

At the Regular Nov. 9, 2020 City Council meeting, the City of Wetaskiwin Council voted to temporarily close the City of Wetaskiwin Archives to the public for up to one year. The temporary closure is to examine the Archives’ current portfolio and assets.

The closure will allow the City to review the collection and consult with stakeholders on how the Archives can best serve the needs of the community while also positioning it for long-term success.

The City made the decision after receiving the City Archivist’s resignation notice.

“The closure will give the City an opportunity to see how we can best serve the community as well as preserve our history,” said Gandam. “Once we receive the report from Administration, Council will be able to set a long-term vision for Wetaskiwin’s Archives.”

Administration will report back to City Council in the first quarter of 2021. The City Archivist will continue to respond to existing research requests until the end of November their position as Archivist will remain vacant until a long term plan for the Archives is in place.

During the vacancy the archives@wetaskiwin.ca email will continue to be monitored by City staff.


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