Shaela Dansereau/ Pipestone Flyer

Shaela Dansereau/ Pipestone Flyer

City of Wetaskiwin selected as pilot site for development of a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

This plan is part of a Rural Crime Prevention Project.

The City of Wetaskiwin has been selected as a pilot site for a Rural Crime Prevention Project through the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention (CMNCP).

The intention of this project is to develop a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan to create and implement a model to reduce crime as well as build capacity among service providers within the community.

Wetaskiwin City Council had previously approved a $50,000 business case in the 2020 municipal budget for the development of a Community Policing Plan.

“The Community Safety and Well-Being Plan will provide an opportunity for community partners to work together with the City on this project,” explains Paul Edginton, General Manager of Community and Protective Services for the City of Wetaskiwin. “Through this partnership, a long-term strategy will be developed to resolve a number of complex social challenges that face our community.”

Administration decided given that the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan has a significant amount of overlap with the Community Policing Plan, these funds could be re-directed to the pilot project as part of the 2021 budget cycle.

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