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County of Wetaskiwin Land Use Bylaw amendments approved

Ammendments approved by Wetaskiwin County Council at Nov. 24, 2020 Council meeting.

At the Nov. 24, 2020 Wetaskiwin County Council gave a third and final reading to Bylaw 2020/63 amending the County of Wetaskiwin Land Use Bylaw.

The most significant amendments included:

1. The addition of Section 10.31 Agricultural Small Holding (ASH) District. The purpose of this district is to provide for commercial agricultural operations on parcels smaller than what would otherwise be allowed on productive soil. The intent of these parcels is to allow for the cultivation of soil on a more intensive scale.

• Proposed parcels shall have a maximum of 20 per cent up to a maximum of five acres of development that will include buildings or other non-productive features or structures such as a yard-site. The remainder shall be productive agricultural land.

• The minimum lot size for ASH District is 10 acres and the maximum is 80 acres.

2. The addition of Section 9.20 Outhouse Use, Installation & Approval to regulate the use of outhouses in the County.

• Section 9.20.1 states that lots smaller than one acre in multi-lot subdivisions, lots zoned Lakeshore Residential, Mixed Recreational Residential, and Urban Residential and those located in Hamlets are prohibited from having outhouses (earthen pit privies).

3. The additional of increased maximum accessory building height of eight metres (26 feet) for the following Districts: Rural Residential, Country Residential, Restricted Country, Rural Conservation, Watershed Protection, and Wizard Lake Watershed.

The County of Wetaskiwin’s completed Land Use Bylaw 2017/48 can be viewed online at

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