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County of Wetaskiwin residents to see over 4% tax increase for 2022

County of Wetaskiwin Council approved the Operating and Capital Budget and Mill Rate Bylaw for 2022 this May.

In this new budget the average residential ratepayer in the county will see a 3.88 per cent increase to the municipal portion of their taxes although the county states this may vary for properties that have experienced an increase or decrease in market value.

The average non-residential commercial ratepayer will see a 4.83 per cent increase on their tax notice and farmers will see a 4.43 per cent increase.

County of Wetaskiwin Reeve Josh Bishop says, “we knew that the past two years were very difficult financially and decided to postpone increases necessary to maintain operations and you are now going to see that in the 2022 budget a variety of challenges including increasing inflation and continued supply chain issues has resulted in increasing the cost of providing services to our residents.”

Overall County residents will see their residential taxes go up by 4.65 per cent due to increases in RCMP contribution.

In addition to local municipal taxes and the Government of Alberta also requires all municipalities to collect education property taxes and taxes to cover the provincial policing cost.

In 2022 the County of Wetaskiwin will spend $534,077 for policing which is a 32 per cent increase from 2021.

The county states that the 2022 budget value is $21.7 billion compared to a $20.19 million budget in 2021.

“We have worked hard to identify areas for improvement and efficiency in our service delivery to keep costs as low as possible,” Bishop states.

“Going forward these issues will continue to put significant pressure on the budget in the years ahead.”

Levels of service provided by the county covered in resident’s municipal taxes include providing fire services, road maintenance, waste management services, bridge infrastructure, and more.


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