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County of Wetaskiwin reviews Municipal Development Plan

The County of Wetaskiwin is reviewing its Municipal Development Plan (MDP) this year in order to update it to better reflect the needs of the county and its residents.

The MDP is an important planning and decision-making tool that outlines the direction of growth for the county in the future and strategies to achieve this growth. Because the county’s last MDP was adopted 10 years ago, they are now reviewing the MDP to provide an updated process for future growth and development in the county as well as to reduce red tape and streamline processes.

The county will have the assistance of Municipal Planning Services (MPS) for the preparation of the new plan.

The MDP includes maps which will help direct future growth within the county, including indentifying generally how lands within the county could be utilized and developed moving forward.

Future land use areas identified on the MDP maps do not change the land use (zoning) districts identified in the Land Use Bylaw. Instead it is intended to provide direction to county council in the event that a change to the zoning is applied for by a landowner. It will also aid the county is focusing municipal infrastructure investments and conservation priorities.

“It is critical that as many people participate as possible as this process is not one that happens very often,” stated Reeve Josh Bishop.

“There are many changes that need to happen to bring our MDP up to current legislation and best practices as well as prepare our municipality for the next ten plus years of growth and development. Now is the time to have your say in the future of your neighbourhood and County.”

The county says that they want to hear input and feedback from county residents on the revised MDP to ensure it is right for the community.

A survey can be found at www.surveymonkey.com/r/CoWetaskiwinMDP where county residents can share their vision for the county’s future.