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Millet Community Garden of Hope proves popular in its first year

The Town of Millet’s first community garden is completed and proving popular in its first year.
Photo/ Marlene Alberts

The Town of Millet’s first community garden is completed and proving popular in its first year.

Chair of Millet in Bloom, Marlene Alberts, says, “Millet in Bloom has been considering a community garden for several years.”

“We’ve never has a community garden in Millet.”

Alberts says that Millet in Bloom has pitched the idea of a community garden for years but there has never been enough community interest to jumpstart the project, however this year when the organization pitched the garden to the Town and community members, the response was overwhelmingly in favour.

The Town officially granted 9,860 square feet of land for Millet and Bloom to develop into the community garden, which has 23, 18-foot-by-20-foot plots.

This project is joined between the town and Millet Healthy Community Initiatives, Friends of Millet in Bloom, and Millet in Bloom

Alberts says that the plots booked up fast.

“It really took off,” she says. “It should be ready to start planting this week.”

Two of the plots have been reserved for community initiatives, one being dedicated to growing produce for the Millet Food Bank and another will be a children’s garden.

Alberts says that the gardeners who have reserved their plot have all collectively agreed to help take care of the Food Bank plot. The children’s garden is reserved for parents and children to come and work in the garden and teach the children gardening skills.

“So moms and children can come out in the summer and work the garden.”

The community garden was named the Garden of Hope in collaboration with the National Communities in Bloom initiative to bring hope and positive energy into this year.

“Every gardener has been asked to include yellow flowers to represent hope.”

Alberts says that there is already a waitlist for next years community garden plots.

In addition to the community garden, Millet in Bloom is resuming their garden of the week contest this year. For the garden of the week, Millet residents nominate whose garden in Town they believe deserves the garden of the week sign, which Millet in Bloom places at the winner’s home. The winner then chooses a garden they appreciate to be the garden of the week after them.

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