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Smith Hardware in Winfield, Alta., broken into for the second time in three weeks

Smith Hardware in Winfield, Alta., is facing building damages following their second break-in in three weeks.

Jake Klassen with Smith Hardware woke up the morning of Tuesday Nov. 2, 2021 with messages flooding his phone from local commuters letting him know that his store had been broken into again. This is the second break-in for the local hardware store in three weeks.

On Oct. 14, 2021, Smith Hardware was broken into and had some Milwaukee cordless power tools stolen, a total of $4,300 worth of stock gone.

In the November 2 break in the remainder of the Milwaukee cordless power tools were stolen out of the store worth around $2,000.

In both robberies only the Milwaukee power tools were stolen. However, in during the second robbery, damage to the building was inflicted. The store’s door is twisted like a pretzel and bumper marks are beside the door from a vehicle running into it. Klassen says there is $1,200 worth of damages and replacements needed for the store.

“One time is one thing and a second time that quick makes you feel helpless,” says Klassen. So far the local police detachment have no leads on the thefts.

Through it all Klassen says that the Winfield community has been very supportive.

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