Pipestone Flyer file photo

Pipestone Flyer file photo

Wetaskiwin County to update Municipal Development Plan

Wetaskiwin County council approved reallocation of funds to update Municipal Development Plan.

Wetaskiwin County is updating their Municipal Development Plan (MDP) for the first time in 10 years. At the July 14, 2020 County Council meeting, Wetaskiwin County Council approved the reallocation of $20,000 that was part of the subdivision services budget for 2020 for the process of updating the MDP.

Wetaskiwin County Council had previously budgeted $60,000 for subdivision services, but switched service providers which saved the County costs. With the new service providers County has found that 2020 subdivision services will not cost the County more than $40,000, allowing the re-allocation of the remaining $20,000 budgeted to the update of the MDP.

The County assures that this reallocation and update will have no impact on the 2021 budget.

Wetaskiwin County Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion.