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Wetaskiwin RCMP give crime prevention tips

There are many ways that one can help protect themselves from being a victim of crime.

Wetaskiwin RCMP member Const. Garrett Dove gave the Pipestone Flyer some tips to use to help prevent crime in your neighbourhood or from being targeted yourself.

To help prevent property crime Dove recommends that residents in the City and County of Wetaskiwin ensure that they have proper lighting around their property. If putting in lighting, Dove states that LED lighting emits a brighter light and will illuminate a larger area.

In addition to proper lighting, having the property surveillance camera placement (if you have cameras) is important. You want to ensure that your house lights do not reflect on the camera screen which will obscure the footage being captured.

Keeping your yard clean can aid in property crime prevention. Ensure that dead brush, piles of branches or yard waste is cleaned up which will give you a clear sight of your property without obstruction.

The next tip for crime prevention can be applied for your home, yard or vehicle: do not leave valuables laying around in plain sight. In addition to this, do not leave any valuable items in a vehicle and most of all- do not leave your keys in the vehicle.

Dove also recommends residents get to know their neighbours.

He states, “more trusted eyes within a neighbourhood makes it difficult for people to commit crime.”

Dove says that it is important to report suspicious activity to police and try to capture as much information as possible to report.

A precaution all can take in case of a theft is to record the serial numbers of all valuables and save them somewhere accessible. This will help police to try and locate your valuables in the event that something is stolen.


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