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Drop in today! One-on-one employment services in Wetaskiwin

Free, easy-to-access programs serve those unemployed or marginally employed
Free, and right here in Wetaskiwin, DFW’s One-on-One Employment Services welcomes Albertans who are unemployed or marginally employed to drop in for a wealth of resources

In today’s evolving employment market, it’s not unusual to need to update skills or give your resume a refresh. After all, many may be entering the workforce for the first time in a while, or changing jobs or even industries, as sectors change.

And whether you’re currently unemployed or marginally employed, you can receive one-on-one help for your job search – support that’s available right here in Wetaskiwin, through one of the core programs at Wetaskiwin’s DFW Career Services.

“As a designated resource centre open to anyone in the Wetaskiwin community, we can provide everything from access to a computer or phone, to help accessing information or skills training,” explains DFW Director Wayne Di Lallo.

Keeping that support easy-to-access is also key.

“There’s no appointment necessary – simply drop in to see how we can help. Our focus is on removing as many obstacles as possible for people to seek assistance with their job search.”

DFW’s free One-on-One Employment Services welcomes unemployed or marginally employed Albertans to access resources including:

  • A computer lab, with printer, fax and labour market information.
  • Self-serve resources and access to onsite support.
  • A staff member to assist with accessing community resources, applying online, completing various types of applications, with no appointment required.

Job ready? DFW also offers employment readiness services for clients who are job-ready, but need a little help with resources. “The goal here is to have them employed within 30 days,” Di Lallo says.

If additional help is required, a 12-week program supports those needing a little more assistance, and a 16-week workforce development program can help those with additional barriers to employment get them job-ready. In this case, additional training to increase employability is available, with the possibility of supplementary income assistance, meaning that the government will top up wages with the employer for a set time.

The employee is also matched with a job developer, who stays connected during the initial few months to trouble-shoot any challenges and provide additional resources, with the goal of a permanent position with the employer once the supplemented period is complete.

This kind of one-on-one service is one of several core programs DFW has developed since 2010, Di Lallo says. Other programs include Youth Services and Transition Employment Services.

To learn more, call 780-352-4477, email, or simply drop by the resource centre near downtown Wetaskiwin at #103 & #104, 5220-48 Ave.

To book an assessment with DFW Career Services and jumpstart your career today, visit

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