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City of Wetaskiwin remains neutral during municipal elections

The City of Wetaskiwin re-stated their neutrality following false claims of using city communications and non-permitted use of logo in a municipal general election candidate’s campaign.

In a press release the city sought to address an inaccurate statement made by a municipal general election candidate that the candidate’s campaign information would be disseminated through the city’s communication department rather than the candidate’s own media channels.

“This statement is false, and the inference that city media resources can be leveraged to the benefit of an individual candidate is misleading and irresponsible,” the city stated.

“The City of Wetaskiwin’s communications department has never—nor will ever—develop or issue campaign information for candidates via any media including official City of Wetaskiwin channels.”

The city says the only general municipal election information permitted on city platforms includes voting dates, voting station locations and certified election results.

Section 15.1 of Council’s Cod of Conduct Bylaw 1906-18 regulates that the city’s communication department cannot distribute or otherwise broadcast the campaign materials of any candidate and organizational neutrality must be maintained by the municipal entity throughout the course of a municipal election.

In a separate press release the city once again reinforced their standards of neutrality when a candidate in the municipal general election used the city’s recently retired brand identity, the water tower logo, on their election campaign materials.

The city requested that the candidate cease and desist their use of the city’s former logo.

“As an entity, the city has no involvement in municipal election campaigns and does not endorse any candidates during these elections as doing so would impede the democratic process,” the city stated.

“As per the city’s logo policy, use of the city logo—former or current—is restricted to designated city staff.”

“Unauthorized use of the city logo or crest by third parties is prohibited, except in the event of special circumstances in which third parties may request to use the city logo – with final approval being granted by the city manager. The candidate in question did not request permission to use the city’s logo, and if they had done so, the request would have been denied.”

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