Alder Flats 4-H multi club update

Activity our club went to Drayton Valley Airport

Our club did public speaking on February 2 and these were the winners:

  • Junior public speaking – 1st Cooper Duffy
  • Intermediate public speaking – 1st. Erich Pietsch
  • 2nd Morri Grover
  • 3rd Keara Grover
  • Senior public speaking – 1st Tanner Magnuson
  • Senior Presentations Senior 1st – Jay Hopfe, Logan Duffy

Thanks to AltaLink for a sponsorship to make our public speaking possible. Also thanks to the judges who gave us such great feedback on everyone’s speeches.

For our February activity our club went to Drayton Valley Airport where we were able to go up in a small airplane in groups of 3. During the flight we did a giant loop around Drayton Valley and over the surrounding area.

Thanks to the pilots and COPA for making the flights possible, I think everyone had lots of fun flying and would like to do it again.

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