Anglin says government leaders ‘need to be smarter’

Anglin says government leaders ‘need to be smarter’

Joe Anglin, a familiar face in the Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre riding is back again.

This time, Anglin, the former Wilrose Party MLA, is running for the Alberta Party.

“We have a serious problem with economics, we need a solution,” Anglin said in his closing statements at a forum held in Rimbey last Wednesday.

“They (the government) has to stop making silly mistakes. They have to be smarter.”

In an interview with Star Calgary, Anglin noted that he was instrumental in starting the Alberta Party in 2008, but later went with Wildrose. However, he said the Alberta Party, which had begun to show left-wing leanings, has returned to a more fundamental foundation.

During the forum, Anglin said his reputation in the legislature is “unmatched.”

He noted that he is opposed to following the party line and voting in accordance with that policy. Anglin was elected to the Alberta legislature in 2012 as a Wildrose member.

He sat as an Independent two years later.

In the 2015 provincial election he was defeated by Jason Nixon as MLA for the Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre riding. His defeat followed his accusations against Wildrose, saying executive had skewed nomination rules. He also tried to disqualify Nixon from from running as a nominee, but his attempts went no where.