2019 Rimbey Rodeo Royalty. (Photo/Rimbey Rodeo Royalty Facebook.)

2019 Rimbey Rodeo Royalty. (Photo/Rimbey Rodeo Royalty Facebook.)

Applications to be Rimbey Rodeo Royalty are now open

Rimbey Rodeo Royalty is looking for submissions for Rodeo Queen, Princess and Jr. Miss.

Rimbey Rodeo Royalty is looking for ladies in Rimbey and surrounding communities who want to represent rodeo.

The original competition deadline is set to close on April 30, 2020 but this may be extended and the competition postponed until COVID-19 concerns are resolved and it is safe to resume competition activities.

Rimbey Rodeo Royalty director, Cheri Conners says that the group is “taking it day by day,” when it comes to the impact the novel coronavirus has on their applications and rodeo season.

Rodeo Queen and Princess applications are open to ladies 16 to 20-years-old while the Jr. Miss category is for those 11 to 15-years-old.

The competition to become a member of the Rimbey Rodeo royal family includes a public speaking portion with a written and impromptu speech in front of a panel of judges. The competition will also consist of horsemanship skills, including flag carrying, public interaction at rodeo events and a rodeo knowledge test.

The main role of Rimbey Rodeo Royalty is to represent the Rimbey rodeo and rodeo culture in their community and the communities they travel to.

“We try to get them out in the community as much as possible,” Conners says. “A lot of times [Family and Community Support Services], FCSS, has the girls come help with their community events.”

The current Rimbey Rodeo Royalty family includes Rimbey Rodeo Queen Allie Pals, Rodeo Princess Mara Reimer, and Jr. Miss Rimbey Rodeo Queen Rhyatta McConnel.

Applicants can find more information on how to enter the competition on the Rimbey Rodeo Royalty Facebook page.