Area structure plan for golf course campground approved Nov. 8

Area structure plan for golf course campground approved Nov. 8

Public hearing held for Pipestone Link’s campground

County of Wetaskiwin council approved an area structure plan for a local golf course’s campground after a public hearing was held Nov. 8. The public hearing was scheduled as part of the Planning and Development council meeting.

The public hearing was opened by reeve Terry Van de Kraats, and staff presented the application from The Pipestone Links golf course.

“In 2012, education and enforcement action started against the Pipestone Links Golf Course due to not having the proper zoning or approvals in place for the operation of a Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park on the lands legally described as Lot 2, Plan 9523943, NW 15-47-24-W4M, which is located approximately three (3) kilometers south east of the Town of Millet, and eight (8) kilometers northwest of the City of Wetaskiwin and currently is zoned Recreational (R), with a spot zoned area designated as Country Residential (CR),” stated council’s agenda memo.

“Since approximately 2014 when a Stop Order was issued, Pipestone Links Golf Course through the management of Jack and Anita Hendriks has been working with County Administration to bring the Recreational Vehicle Park into compliance with County Bylaws and Policies.

“On January 25, 2017, County Administration received the first draft of an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the existing RV Park from Scheffer Andrew Ltd., who completed and submitted the ASP on behalf of the Pipestone Links Golf Course.

“The first draft of the ASP was reviewed by Administration and comments were sent back for further revisions to be made. On February 22, 2019, Administration received revisions to the draft ASP from the Pipestone Links Golf Course.

“The proposed amended ASP encompassed an existing forty-six (46) existing RV stalls, as well as the possibility to create forty (40) to fifty (50) new RV stalls in the future.”

Staff noted referrals were sent out to government departments and agencies. “Referral letters were sent to West Central Planning Agency, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD), Alberta Environment, Alberta Transportation, and Administration on February 27, 2019.” There were no major objections or problems with the referrals.

Two requests from the landowners appeared to be a problem, though.

“As seen above, the Applicants have requested to have Council waive the charging of the Road Contribution Fee of the County against the development as well as a request to not go through the rezoning process,” stated the agenda memo.

“ It should be noted that with respect to the application of the half rate road contribution fee to recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds, Administration is not aware of Council waiving this request for any other similar development within the County.” It was also stated the golf course owners requested the rezoning process be waived. The public hearing was closed.

County staff recommended the ASP be approved, but that “The payment of the half rate road contribution fee as established by Council Resolution #PD20150205.1004; and…The requirement for the Applicants to still undertake the rezoning process to rezone the lands from Country Residential to Recreational” both remain in effect.

Councilors unanimously approved three readings of the ASP following the public hearing.