Cabins, giftware shop subjects of County of Wetaskiwin development appeals

Cabins, giftware shop subjects of County of Wetaskiwin development appeals

Three recent appeals of County of Wetaskiwin denials heard by SDAB

County of Wetaskiwin council examined the results of recent Subdivision and Appeal Board hearings that were held in December and January, during council’s regular Planning and Development meeting Feb. 15.

The information was provided during director of Planning and Development David Blade’s regular report. He said there were two SDAB hearings, two in December and one in January.

First up was an appeal heard December 11, 2018 and titled “Refusal of Development Permit D11/298 – Stan Reiser – Existing Six (6) Cabins within SW 1-47-2-W5M.

The council report stated that “…the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board deny the appeal of Refusal of Development Permit D11/268 for ‘six (6) existing cabins’ and that the Board not issue a development permit, but rather in accordance with Section 687(3)(c) of the Municipal Government Act, issues a Stop Order which outlines the following: Submit a new development permit application completed to the satisfaction of the Development Authority, which is to include but is not limited to: 1. A detailed site plan to include all buildings 2. Detailed description of the operation of the Business 3. A completed Alberta Transportation Roadside Development Application, and pay $2,034 Offsite Levy Fee or request a private sewer inspection by Superior Safety Codes, which indicates that the septic system which services the guided hunting business meets code and treats all effluent onsite, no later than May 31, 2019; 4.

“If the above conditions are not met, the removal of all structures used in conjunction with the guided hunting business and cease operating the guided hunting business no later than May 31, 2019.”

The second report was for another appeal heard on December 11, 2018. The council memo stated, “Refusal of Development Permit D18/241 – Charlene Blanchard – Giftware and Retail Store, “Pipestone Trading Post” in existing building within NE 13-47-27-W4M.”

The memo continued, “That the Board uphold the refusal a Development Permit for application D18/24 proposing the operation of a Giftware and Retail Store, ‘Pipestone Trading Post’ in an existing building within NE-13- 47-27-W4M. The Board was of the opinion that the proposed use does not meet the definition of Minor Business as the proposed business (giftware and retail store) is not operated from or subordinate to the residential use of the site.”

The third appeal listed was held January 21, 2019. The council memo stated, ‘Refusal of Development Permit D18/040 – Ron Fenggstad – 20’ x 76’ Modular Home with Deck, 30’ x 38’ x 18’ Metal Shop and Enclosed Deck on Existing House – S ½ of NW 33-47-25-W4M.

It continued, “That the Board give partial denial for the appeal from Ron Fengstad. The Board denies the appeal for the refusal of the modular home with deck. The Board grants approval of Development Permit D18/040 for an addition of a covered sun room (30 ft. x 18 ft.) and the addition of a deck (12 ft. by 12 ft.) to the existing residence located on the S ½ of NW 33-47-25-W4M.”

Councilors accepted the memos for information.