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City of Leduc to plant 20,000 trees

Initiative part of the 2 Billion Trees Program
(Facebook photo/City of Leduc)

The City of Leduc will plant 20,000 trees over the next two years through the2 Billion Trees Program, and the first were already planted during the annual Arbour Day event on June 3.

In a recent announcement by Leduc Mayor Rob Young and Minister of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson, a $363,000 contribution was committed to Leduc’s Urban Tree Canopy Expansion project.

“We are thankful for the Government of Canada’s support as trees play a significant role in environmental preservation,” said Young in a press release. “This funding will advance the city’s priority and commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Native tree species like balsam poplar, trembling aspen, lodgepole pine and white spruce will be planted in urban parks, along boulevards and around restored wetland areas,

The aim of the program is to advance naturalization efforts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Planting will take place on city-owned land this year and next. All newly planted trees will be monitored to make sure they grow and flourish.

The first wave of trees was planted on June 3. The goal of the event was to plant over 750 trees to enhance the existing natural area and recently restored wetlands north of Telford Lake.

Planting these trees will provide “ecological benefits and increased wellness throughout the community for years to come,” stated the release.

”The Government of Canada’s 2 Billion Trees program is not only helping to clean the air and keep neighbourhoods cool in the summer, it will create sustainable jobs and fight climate change while protecting nature and reinforcing valuable habitats and biodiversity.”

Currently, agreements are signed and under negotiation to support Indigenous communities, profit and non-profit organizations and provincial, territorial and municipal governments for planting over 260 million trees.

“Trees are essential to our lives — they capture carbon, improve air quality and support wildlife — and they are important allies in our fight against climate change,” said Wilkinson. “That’s why Canada has committed to planting two billion trees. Through this investment to plant 20,000 trees in Leduc, we are collaborating with municipal and local partners to help deliver more climate-resilient communities while ensuring cleaner air for future generations.”