Complaint about oilfield company turns out to be minor

Complaint about oilfield company turns out to be minor

Smith approaches have been removed: county

County of Wetaskiwin councilors heard about some site inspections related to complaints from the public during their regular Planning and Economic Development meeting Dec. 6.

Director of Planning and Economic Development David Blades presented his monthly report to councilors. He noted in the month of November, the county issued 15 development permits valued at over $800,000.

He provided councilors with information related to a development permit backlog, and also noted in the month of November there was only one compliance certificate issued.

Site inspections

Development officer Jarvis Grant provided councilors with information on site inspections which occurred during the month of November.

He noted that his department received a complaint that an oilfield company was not complying with a development permit. Jarvis said after inspection he felt the situation involved only minor issues.

Another inspection was done on the north side of Hwy. #13; there is a parcel of land involved that’s under 80 acres in size, yet contains three residences. Grant said the county is working with that landowner to eliminate a “loft residence.” Councilor Kathy Rooyakkers asked if the residence was a suite.

Grant responded that suites have to be part of a larger residence, while the loft in question is actually inside a barn. He noted that in situations like this the unit in question has to be rendered “unliveable,” meaning cooking appliances and such have to be removed.


Blades confirmed that two approaches that the county asked the Smith family to remove have been removed.

Councilor had a delegation from the Smith family several weeks ago to discuss two unpermitted approaches that were too close to an intersection. “So that’s been taken care of,” said Blades.