Construction underway on cannabis production facility in Red Deer County

Construction underway on cannabis production facility in Red Deer County

Initial construction on the site is underway and expected to be completed by May

  • Mar. 15, 2018 1:30 p.m.

Construction is starting up on the commercial cannabis production facility in Red Deer County.

STIGMA Pharmaceuticals has announced commencement for development on their Phase One building, which will be the first of the company’s 66,000 sq. ft. commercial production facilities to be constructed in the County.

Officials say STIGMA Pharmaceuticals has been working with County representatives to bring a commercial production marijuana facility into Central Alberta in a, “Respectable, professional and safe manner by constructing in a medium industrial area that complies with criteria set out by Health Canada,” according to a release.

STIGMA Pharmaceuticals currently has a commercial production application processing and looks forward to cultivation upon approval from Health Canada.

“We look forward to developing in an area with an open mindset and clear direction for this type of industry. We hope to change the ‘stigma’ associated and look forward to joining this community in building a business that will offer employment to many in a safe and professional environment,” according to the release.

“This is an exciting up and coming industry that has an opportunity to bring many good things to our community. We are proud to be chosen as its role models.”

Treena Miller, current planning manager for the County, said the project should be completed by the fall.

“From a County standpoint, we are really just following our land-use bylaw where these types of uses have been identified as the most suitable,” she said.

”They are locating within an existing industrial park, so that’s where our council has directed us to amend the land use bylaw to move forward with these types of production facilities.”

In the following months, the company is also looking to employ close to 100 workers within the Red Deer area.

In the meantime, development permits for this building were approved in April of 2017 and plans of expansion on this site are also being discussed at this time, officials say.