Council Notes From All Over – December 16th, 2010

  • Dec. 14, 2010 5:00 p.m.

Pipestone Flyer

Leduc County Council

By Joanne Hagen – Vol 14, Issue 50, December 16, 2010

(Leduc-Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer)

The regular County Council meeting was brought to order at the usual time of 1:30 p.m.

Dean Ruptash, Chair of Nisku Parks and Recreation, and Sherrill Campbell, Manager of the Nisku Recreation Centre, delivered a presentation to Council on 2009 financial statements and facility capital plan. Income revenues were down in 2009 from the year before, reflecting the Alberta recession as the likely cause, said Sherrill. A $24,000 drop in function revenues and gym memberships down by $5,000 have created a significant difference in the Rec Centre’s financial status.

Due to the recession, new policies were initiated for the Rec Centre, such as taking deposits on functions whereas the facility used to front the money for events. Dean Ruptash explained to council the underlying need for a $56,000 to $78,000 increase in budget, as the facility needs hot water tanks and rebuilt saunas. The Centre has already booked as many functions for 2011 as were held in 2010.

Cindy Miller from the Strawberry District Society approached council with a request for money to operate the halls and grounds of the Strawberry Community Hall. The hall itself is 75 years old, and the roof, that is 30 to 40 years old, needs to be replaced. It was explained that the hall already recieved a grant based on volunteer hours, but problems arose when volunteers were not legally allowed to be up on the roof ripping shingles off, thus only half of the roof was finished. A grant of $2,000 is needed to finish the hall roof. Councillor Audrey Kelto moved to give the hall the money necessary to complete its repairs, saying, "I think its important that it be completed. Our small community halls are important."

Town of Millet Council

By Joanne Hagen – Vol 14, Issue 50, December 16, 2010

(Leduc-Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer)

JEDI Update

Economic Development Director, Rick Horncastle and Economic Development Specialist, Jiselle Sears from the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) were in attendance to present Millet Council a JEDI update. JEDI is a not-for-profit society promoting sustainable industrial growth.

Partnering with the City and County of Wetaskiwin, Millet’s contribution to the Initiative in 2010 was $20,519, said Horncastle. In 2006, JEDI received an honourable mention in the Minister’s Awards for Municipal Excellence. In 2007, the Economic Developers Association of Canada presented JEDI with a Marketing Canada Award for their interactive CD-ROM.

JEDI was the recipient of an Excellence in Economic Development Annual Achievement Award in 2008 from the Central Alberta Economic Partnership. The Initiative received the award for its Railside Business Park Industrial Development Study. The Study led to several strategies and initiatives designed to identify and overcome constraints that arise from rapid industrial growth. In the same year, JEDI was awarded the Alex Metcalfe Award for Economic Development Project of the Year for Railside Business Park near Millet.

JEDI normally spends around ten thousand dollars yearly for advertising, but in 2010 roughly $70,000 was spent on advertising, said Horncastle, and next year advertising will reach over $100,000.

The JEDI region offers a business environment that includes the lowest overal tax rates in the country, no provincial sales tax, and no general capital or payroll taxes.

When asked by Council of any challenges facing JEDI, Rick Horncastle said there was a severe shortage of readily marketable land. "For example," said Horncastle, if a developer wanted, say, 40 acres of serviced industrial land, we don’t have it right now."

Wetaskiwin City Council, Wetaskiwin County Council, and Town of Millet Council members are invited to the JEDI 2011 Strategic Planning Session, taking place at the Millet Agriplex on January 5.

JEDI’s Annual General Meeting will take place on March 10, 2011.

Lift Station Expense Recovery

The Town of Millet will enter into a Student Placement 3-year agreement with Norquest College for students to job shadow a Bylaw officer. There is no cost to the town, and would provide a working environment for student job experience.

In July of this year, the Town of Millet’s sewer lift station malfunctioned, costing the town $198,787.60. An insurance claim was filed, but Jubilee Insurance sent a letter stating the claim that the Town presented was denied, as the cause of loss was a result of wear and corrosion. Councillor Tony Wadsworth made a motion to get legal counsel and challenge the insurance company’s decision. "I believe we could recoup a significant amount of the cost of the sewer lift station," said Wadsworth.

A number of concerned citizens have contacted the Town saying the 72-hour time limit residents have to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice is too long. Council decided to leave the time limit as is.

City of Leduc Council

By Joanne Hagen – Vol 14, Issue 50, December 16, 2010

(Leduc-Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer)

Leduc City Council was brought to order at 7:00 p.m by Mayor Greg Krischke.

The Leduc Telford Choir members were nominated for a Leduc Achievement Award for the realization of their 500th concert in 19 years. Presented by Alderman Mishio and the Mayor, the group was honoured for their accomplishments by receiving a congratulations and an individual achievement certificate. "You make a difference and bring credit to our community," said Mayor Krischke, "What I see more than anything else is the joy on peoples faces at concerts."

The Telford singers were formed in 1982 and have since performed in 35 communities and have sung at 60 venues across the province. The choir charges no fee for performances and members of the group travel to concerts at their own expense.

The annual Edmonton Airport briefing was presented before Council by the Board Chair, Gordon Clanachan, City of Leduc Board Appointee, Rolly Owens, and Reg Milley, President and CEO. With a budget of 4.2 million, a new vision with "more flights to more places" is planned. The Expansion 2012 plan first announced in the spring of 2008 is under budget and on time, it was reported. A Port Alberta update announced that it will not be centred at the airport, rather, it will moved out in the area now.

A public hearing was held concerning Bylaw 754-2010, smoke-free vehicles for minors. A number of experts and residents spoke in favor of the ban. Dr. Gerry Predy cited statistics such as cars hold 27 times the concentration as in public areas, and Dr. Irena Buka told Council that exposure before birth can can cause later neurodevelopmental behavioural disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and poor academic performance.

Canadian Cancer Society employee and Leduc resident, Sara Hawkins, said, "I was thrilled to learn of the possibility of a bylaw. We can take the lead in an important issue." Ex-Alderman Bob McDonald expressed to Council the need to promote reduction of smoking and help smokers quit first. Obesity is just as important, he pointed out.

Ken Woitt, Director of Planning and Development, requested that Council approve entering into a development agreement with Beaverbrook Leduc Ltd. to develop Stage 1A of the Scenic Acres Neighbourhood within the SW 1/4 Section 19-49-24-W4th. The agreement will protect the City of Leduc during the development of the residential subdivision and make certain that the Developer meets all obligations applicable to the subdivision department. Alderman MacKenzie recommended Council approve the Scenic Acres development.

Ever Active Schools will be hosting the Healthy Alberta School Symposium on the 24th of November at the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC). A municipal grant request not to exceed $2,500 help offset costs of the symposium was approved.

Alderman MacKenzie moved that Council approve a grant request of $1,875 for the second Annual Leduc Ladies Volleyball Tournament to be held at the LRC on January 22 and 23 of 2011. Organization of the event including all volunteer coordination is undertaken by the Leduc Ladies Volleyball League members. The second annual tournament will be open for 36 teams with a minimum of six players per team.

A travel grant application made by The Sharing Way for the amount of $500.00 to help offset travel and material expenses for their 2011 trip to Bolivia for the Bolivia Project. The Leduc team will be funding their own transportation and accomodations. The Project involves rebuilding homes for the poor, and intends to build approximately 600 homes over the next three years. Alderman MacKenzie moved that The Sharing Way’s request be granted.

Leduc Council approved the Libarry Board Selection Committee’s recommendation that Ms. Diane Robinson and Ms. Beverley Horn be appointed Public Members on the Leduc Library Board for a three year term starting January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013.

Council appointed Linda McDonald and Jamie Lynn Simmons as Public Members on the Leduc Environmental Advisory Board for a three year term expiring December 31, 2013.

Michelle Cheyhayes was appointed by Council toThe Family & Community Services Advisory Board for a two year term commencing January 1, 2011. The Board consists of one member of Council with four to six members from the Public at Large.

Council appointed the following Members to the Leduc Parks, Recreation, & Culture Board:

-Dianne McIntosh – Public Member – two year term commencing January 1, 2011

-Sharon Copithorne – Public Member – three year term commencing January 1, 2011

-Doug Wright – Public Member – three year term commencing January 1, 2011

– Carrie Presley – Public Member – thre year term commencing Janaury 1, 2011

-Councillor Audrey Kelto – County Representative – one year term from October 26, 2010

-Councillor Clay Stumph – County Alternative Representative – one year term from October 26, 2010.

Leduc Council approved the appointment of Alderman Dana Smith to the Capital Region Board (CRB) Housing Committee with Alderman MacKenzie appointed as alternate.

Council gave third reading to Bylaw 752-2010, the redistricting of 5.06 ha of part of Scenic Acres Neighborhood from R-2(C) – Residential – Comprehensive Development to R-2M(S) – Residential – Street Oriented Multi-Dwelling and P-1 – Recreational – General Recreation. The redistricting will allow for the future development of 120 lots for duplexes and four-plex townhouses and 1lot for parkland in the Neighborhood.

Bylaw No. 755-2010, Fees and Charges Bylaw, received first reading. A consolidated Bylaw will assist Administration and Council when considering fees and charges as part of the annual municipal budget and business planning process. Administration has incorporated the following changes/additions in schedule "A" of the Fees and Charges Bylaw:

LRC Rates

The following pool rental fees were removed as they were no longer being used:

– Local adult non-instructional including the additonal hourly fee per guard

– Local minor non-instructional ful pool and three lane rental rates

– 1 hour private session

The following swimming rates were added:

-Swim evaluations – $8.55

– Advanced leadership courses ranging from $75 – $100 for local participants; $161 to $228 for non-local participants.


– Day camps were removed and child minding was changed from full cost recovery model to a 50% cost recovery model

Field house rentals were increased from $91.59 to %98.00/hour for full field rate. Less than full field rates were adjusted proportionately.

Arena Rentals increased:

– Adult non-local prime – $228.48 from $213.53

– Adult local prime – $198.19 from $185.22

– Adult local non-prime – $121.10 from $113.18

– Minor local prime – $114.23 from $106.76

– Junior rate – $139.00 from $129.91

-Athletic Fields

– A per partricipant fee for youth ($10) and adults ($15) was added.

Homemaking Service (FCSS)

– All fees associated with this service were increased by $1.00.

Meals on Wheels (FCSS)

– A phased-in increase from $6.50 per meal to $8.00 per meal was included in the schedule. Effective January 1 to March 31, 2011, the price per meal will be $7.00; April 1, 2011, on, the price per meal charge will increase to $8.00.


– The 2010 Council approved C-Line transit fees were added to the user fees and charges bylaw. No changes to the fees are proposed

Solid Waste

– The monthly residential waste disposal fee increased from $20.50 to $21.00 to reflect the additional costs of service delivery.

Water rates

– Due to the increased cost in service delivery, the per cubic metre charges for residential and non-residential water consumption were increased to $1.15 ($1.13, 2010) and $1.17 (1.15, 2010).

Wastewater Rate

– The rate for wastewater services increased by $0.22 per cubic metre also due to increased service delivery costs


– NSF fee increased to $35 from $20

– Tax Notification increased to $75 from $50

– Lien Regististration increased to $40 from $12.50

City Clerk

– Property assessment ranges for non-residential assessment complaint fees overlapped. Maximum values at the end of the ranges were reduced by $1 to eliminate the overlap.

Wetaskiwin County Council

By Barry McDonald – Vol 14, Issue 50, December 16, 2010

(Leduc-Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer)

Victim Services

Ms. Jeannie Blakely Executive Director, Victim Services, Wetaskiwin and Mr. Sands. Victim Services, Leduc provided an overview of their past year of operations. The Victim Services Program has volunteers on call to the police 24/7 in teams of two to provide support to victims of crime and tragedy. The types of incidents they work directly with the RCMP include:

– Assaults

– Family Violence

– Robbery

– Suicide

– Property Crime

– Sudden Death (NOK’s)

– Court prep. and accompaniment

– Motor Vehicle Collisions:

– Practical and emotional support in the immediate aftermath of a crime or tragedy

– Information on the police investigation, crime prevention and the justice system

– Victim Impact Statements, Financial Benefits forms, Restitution application, etc

– Referrals: for community support, medical assistance, emergency food, clothing and shelter

– Court preparation and accompaniment.

On behalf of their organizations, Ms. Blakely thanked Council for the on-going support over the past thirteen years and stated that Council’s belief in the value of victim services helped to make this program the success it is. Ms. Blakely requested continued consideration for financial support. V.S. was commended by Reeve Garry Dearing for the great service they are providing. The report was accepted as information.

Library Board Appointment

An advertisement was placed in the Pipestone Flyer advising residents of a vacant Library Board Member position representing the area from S.H. 771 east to Highway 2A. Council accepted the application of Ms. Delores Kreutz, to the Library Board for a term of three years, effective January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013.

Enhanced Policing Program

In 2006, the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security Department provided municipalities an option of an Enhanced Policing Program. The "Enhanced Policing Policy" establishes a working protocol to allow certain communities to purchase additional policing over and above the base level of service deemed adequate and effective.

Council approved the Enhanced Policing Agreement with the Province for a total of 555 hours, commencing January 1, 2011 for a one (1) year period.

Canol Resources Ltd. request for a one year tax reduction

Canol Resources Ltd. wells flow into the compressor station at LSD 4 SW-23-46-3-W5M. They requested Council consider a one year tax reduction (per section 364 (1.1) of the Municipal Government Act) for their clients. Although they feel the County’s mill rates are fair and reasonable, they state if natural gas prices do not rise within a year or two, Canol Resources Ltd. will shut down this operation with or without tax relief.

The current wells are declining in yield and the station is only running at 10% of designated capacity. New wells will have to be drilled to replace decline and/or increase volumes being processed at this station

Canol’s tax reduction request for the 2011 tax year would see a loss to the Municipality of over $19,126.83 in taxes from this site. Canol requests the tax on the compressor at this site be reduced from $11,463.34 to $2,000 for one year only. The 2010 tax levy was $11,463.34 and has been paid in full.

Council denied the request for a one year tax reduction for wells flowing into the compressor station at LSD 4 SW-23-46-3-W5M as this could set a possible precedent with regard to cancellation of property taxes.

Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society (WCTS)

Mr. Byron King, Transportation Coordinator and Alderman Mark McFaul, President with the City of Wetaskiwin’s "Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society (WCTS)" presented Council with a brief update on the Society and the 2011 WCTS Budget. The County of Wetaskiwin is a contributing partner and stakeholder in WCTS. Council accepted the Wetaskiwin Community Transportation Society’s 2011 draft budget as information.

CPP deductions increase

Canada Revenue Agency announced that the maximum insurable earnings for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for 2011 will be increased to $48,300 up from $47,200. The County has approximately 46 employees who are earning over the maximum insurable earnings of $48,300 so the increase in maximum insurable earnings for 2011 will result in an increase in CPP payments of approximately $2,500.00 for the County.

Alberta Municipal Services Corporation provider of County employee Health and Life Insurance Benefits has undergone a review of the Benefits program. They adjusted rates (slightly upward) to reflect the current market trends. Premiums are 87% employer paid and 13% employee paid.

Capital project approvals for 2010

Hector Goudreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs (Municipal Sustainability Initiative) announced approval for the following capital projects:

– Alder Flats Agricultural Society – $ 20,000.00

– Buck Lake Agricultural Society – $ 5,195.00

– Hillside Community Hall – $ 21,000.00

– Usona Agricultural Society – $ 12,000.00

– Winfield Public Works Shop – $ 309,237.00

– Base and Pave of Yeoford Road – $ 786,688.00

– Regional Multipurpose Recreational Center – $1,259,432.00

– Solid Waste Compaction – $ 220,000.00

The County will ensure that the funds are now allocated towards the approved projects and that all project and reporting guidelines are followed for these projects.

Appropriate payment for attending political fund-raisers policy

At the Council General meeting held November 2nd, 2010 Council was presented with correspondence from the Chief Electoral Office regarding a municipality’s proper protocol of appropriate payment policies for Councillors attending political fund-raisers. At the November 2nd, 2010 meeting, Council resolved that an "Appropriate Payment for Attending Political Fund-Raisers Policy" be drafted that will be consistent with the County’s current practice of not providing a reimbursement to elected officials or staff when attending a political fund-raising event.

Policy statement

The Council of the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10 believes it appropriate that all Council Members and Staff have a clear understanding on the protocol of reimbursement of costs for Councillors or Staff who attend a political fund-raiser event.

In order to ensure understanding and ongoing compliance with the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (the Act) Council and Staff should be aware of the following:

A municipality within the Province of Alberta cannot make a political contribution nor reimburse an individual for a political contribution because a municipality is considered a "prohibited corporation " under Section 1(1)(I)(ii) of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act (the Act).


Council of the County of Wetaskiwin deemed that registration costs or fees to attend political fund-raising functions are the responsibility of the attendee with no compensation from the County of Wetaskiwin.

Lease agreement name change

In 2008 the Kofoeds sold their property to Anthony Viglietti. The road adjacent to the west boundary of their land described as NW 6-46-2-W5M was leased to the Kofoeds. Council approved the name change on the lease from Ben and Shirley Kofoed to Anthony Viglietti for the lease of the road allowance adjacent to the west boundary of NW 6-46-2-W5M effective December 7th, 2010 for a three year term at a rate of $15.00 plus GST.

Ron Cooper – Past Subdivision And Development Appeal Board Member

Council recognized Mr. Cooper with a plaque at the Subdivision and Development

Appeal Board meeting thanking him for his fifteen (15) year contribution to the Board.

Subdivision And Development Appeal Board Members –Appointments

The County of Wetaskiwin established the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board to administer the subdivision of lands and development approvals. Of the five members, Mr. Ron Cooper and Mr. Cal Broder are two Members whose terms expire December 31, 2010. Council received seven applications. Selected were:

William (Bill) Mojelski, – . Mr. Mojelski holds a B. Ed. (U of S) B. A. and Diploma – Educational Administration (U of A) with his major in History and minor in Political Science, Geography. Mr. Mojelski taught at the Wetaskiwin Composite High School from 1963 to 1996 and was the Department Head in Social Studies from 1985 to 1996. He has served on school, community, and sports organizations and attended a Land Use seminar. Mr. Mojelski is a County resident at his current location since 1983-84. He is currently a Director, Board – Wetaskiwin Credit Union Member of both Policy and Credit Committees

Colleen Zimmerman, a County resident has extensive experience working in an office atmosphere, including one-person office situations. Ms. Zimmerman is highly motivated, enthusiastic, community-minded individual with comprehensive organization skills.

The Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI)

JEDI will be holding their annual Strategic Planning Session on January 5th, 2011. In early February they plan to present their 2011 draft Budget to each of the three member Councils (being the Town of Millet, the City of Wetaskiwin and the County of Wetaskiwin).

The 2011 Business Plan (resulting from the Strategic Planning Session) and the draft 2011 Budget will then be presented for final adoption at JEDI’s 2011 Annual General meeting on March 10, at 5:30 p.m. at the County of Wetaskiwin Council Chambers.

Councillor Terry Van De Kraats was appointed as the County of Wetaskiwin representative to the JEDI Board.

Diana McQueen, MLA Drayton Valley-Calmar – Meeting Request

Diana McQueen, MLA for Drayton Valley-Calmar is requesting all Councils from the

municipalities within her constituency to provide three available dates in early January 2011 to meet. The intent of this meeting is:

To provide an opportunity to come together as a group.

For her to hear from all Council as a group.

To hear each municipalities priorities as individual Councils.

Council will forward three dates that they will be able to meet.

Johnson Inc. offers home & auto insurance to AAMDC members

Johnson Inc. offers AAMDC members home and auto insurance with special discounts. Council accepted as information, the offer from Johnson Inc. to provide AAMDC members with their home and auto insurance. Any interested Council members will contact Johnson Inc. directly.

Canadian Livestock Curling Association

A request was received from the Canadian Livestock Curling Association for funding for the 43rd annual bonspiel hosted by members of the livestock industry in Alberta. Forty teams from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec will be participating in the event to be held in Wetaskiwin on February 11th, 12 and 13th, 2011.

This Bonspiel is unique in the way that every team member’s occupation is livestock related. Council approved $250. in sponsorship.