County of Wetaskiwin allows dust control after request

County of Wetaskiwin allows dust control after request

Resident previously blocked due to ‘belligerent’ behaviour

A County of Wetaskiwin resident who was blocked from receiving dust control has had that reversed, after council discussed the issue May 8.

During the regular Public Works committee meeting, a request for dust control from Marvin Walker at SE 10-47-24 W4M was presented by Director of Public Works Neil Powell.

Powell told councilors dust control requests from Walker had come to a head quite a number of years ago, after the resident received dust control service from the county. Powell noted, after the dust control was applied to a road at the location in question, Walker was apparently quite unhappy with it. Powell noted that according to records kept of the incident, Walker became quite belligerent.

At that time, the county refunded his money but barred him from ever getting dust control again, due to the belligerent behaviour.

Powell noted there are private parties who supply dust control service. “They don’t have to pick us,” said Powell. “They can pick someone else.”

CAO Rod Hawken noted during the meeting the county administration frowns on people being belligerent or abusive to staff.

Powell noted that Walker had requested municipal dust control, which would require council granting it. Powell said he felt it had been such a long time since the incident that the county should grant the request.

Councilor Terry Van de Kraats said there’s a possibility a resident will pay for dust control, then claim to be dissatisfied with the service and demand their money back, in effect, getting free dust control.

Councilor Josh Bishop asked why Walker was given his money back. Bishop said if the dist control had been applied to county policy, there was no reason for a refund. “I wouldn’t give him his money back if it was a good job,” said Bishop.

Councilor Bill Kraan agreed. “I guess I’m on the same page,” said Kraan. “He gets the same service as everybody else.”

Powell said the county ensures dust control material includes a bit of clay, which makes it much more effective and staff go out of their way to ensure it’s applied properly. He noted Walker’s location is close to a fork in the road, which may or may not have affected the dust control.

However, Powell pointed out the material is dust “control,” not dust “elimination.”

Van de Kraats agreed, stating he’s paid for dust control for many years, and it doesn’t last forever. ‘It’s just the way it is,” said Van de Kraats.

Councilors agreed Walker would be able to access County of Wetaskiwin dust control services.