County of Wetaskiwin approves cemetery grants Apr. 23

County of Wetaskiwin approves cemetery grants Apr. 23

Cemetery boards, churches receive up to $1,000

The County of Wetaskiwin granted over $24,000 to cemetery boards and churches to handle maintenance for the places of burial at their regular meeting Apr. 23.

The issue was described in a staff agenda memo.

“Annually the County of Wetaskiwin offers Cemetery Grants to various Cemeteries throughout the County in accordance with the “Cemetery Maintenance Grant Policy #1805”,” stated the memo.

“The Cemetery Operating Assistance Grant Program is available upon receipt of prior year’s financial statement and budget applications. The prior years applicants are forwarded an application.

“The grant available is $10 per plot to a maximum of $1,000. To date 27 cemeteries out of 27 have applied for the grant for a total of $24,650. It should be noted that the Grandview Cemetery will no longer be receiving a cemetery grant, as the cemetery has been inactive (no additional plots) for many years.

“The County of Wetaskiwin has taken over the cemetery. The budget for 2019 for cemeteries is $58,304; $28,654 is allocated to the City of Wetaskiwin for the Wetaskiwin Memorial Cemetery; $24,650 is allocated to other local organizations cemeteries and the remaining $5,000 is to be allocated to reserves.”

Staff recommended that Council approve the request from the 27 Cemetery Groups located in the County of Wetaskiwin in the amount of $24,650. Councilors unanimously agreed to do so.