County of Wetaskiwin approves lots at Dorchester development

County of Wetaskiwin approves lots at Dorchester development

Lots located at Pigeon Lake golf course have strong interest says developer

The Dorchester development and golf course located near Pigeon Lake will have eight new lots coming onto the market, and it’s said interest is already strong.

An application to subdivide eight lots was made by Dorchester Developments’ agent Rosetree developments, represented by Patrick Burke, at the Dec 6 Planning and Economic Development meeting.

Jason Tran of West Central Planning presented the application to council. He said the proposal included property located at 25-45-1-W5M, Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 1323700.

“On October 17, 2018, West Central Planning Agency received a subdivision application from Dorchester Developments Inc. to create eight (8) new Urban Residential (UR) lots and one (1) Municipal Reserve (MR) Lot within SW 25-45-1-W5M, Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 1323700, as part of Phase Two of the Dorchester ASP,” stated Tran ion his memo.

“Also, this application involved the changing of the cul-de-sac at the end of the internal road known as Dorchester Ridge.

“Representatives from West Central Planning Agency conducted a site visit on November 22, 2018. The proposed lots have some trees and they back onto the Battle River. West Central Planning Agency and County Administration recommend an environmental easement (MR) be placed along the southern portion of each lot, where the land is less suitable for a building site. Land grading and utility installation are also present on the site as the area prepares for development.

“The referral process yielded no comments from government agencies and organizations. The subdivision application is part of an approved Area Structure Plan and therefore, referral to adjacent landowners is not required under the Municipal Government Act in accordance with Section 653 and Subsection 4.1.

“Given the intense examination of the Dorchester Area Structure Plan and the approval of the previous subdivision phase in the immediate area, West Central Planning Agency does not have any major concerns with the merit of the current proposal.

“No additional comments or concerns have been received from other agencies or utilities. The proposed subdivision complies with the 2010 Municipal Development Plan, Land Use Bylaw 2017/48, and Area Structure Plan 2005/58. It is referred to Council for due to the application being for a multi-lot subdivision.”

Tran noted a previous application had expired. He said Dorchester was looking at eight lots right now with the aforementioned MR strip running along the proposed lots.

Both Reeve Terry Van de Kraats and councilor Kathy Rooyakkers predicted that, if the MR strip was approved, property owners will likely build on it even though they’re not supposed to.

Burke noted geotechnical reports have already been done along with the rezoning while services are already in. At this point, just a little bit of paving needs to be done. He said the developer keenly wants to move forward as there are potential buyers ready and waiting to put down money.