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County of Wetaskiwin faces obstacles with latest IDP

Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Board delaying county IDP process

As mandated by the modernized Municipal Government Act (MGA), the County of Wetaskiwin is continuing its efforts to create Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) with its surrounding municipal neighbours.

During their March 8 planning and economic development meeting, county councilors passed first reading of its IDP with Leduc County.

Assistant CAO Jeff Chipley says this IDP is taking longer than similar processes have in the past due to Leduc County’s involvement in the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Board, formerly the Capital Region Board.

This partnership poses challenges for the County of Wetaskiwin, as the Edmonton Metropolitan Capital Region Board requires IDP documents to also be sent to it, along with Leduc County. However, the IDP must pass first reading before the Capital board will even look at it, says Chipley.

Chipley added Leduc County has also passed first reading of the IDP. “Administratively, both ourselves and Leduc County don’t see any issues,” said Chipley.

“We believe Wetaskiwin County shouldn’t be subject to anything the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Board proposes … We’re an hour from Edmonton,” he added.