County of Wetaskiwin moves ahead on tax recovery sale

County of Wetaskiwin moves ahead on tax recovery sale

Revenue Canada agrees to let County of Wetaskiwin sell property

The County of Wetaskiwin will move ahead with acquiring a property to pay off outstanding taxes. Councilors made the decision at the Nov. 5 general council meeting.

Councilors read a report from staff dealing with a property located at Plan 5017TR, Block 7, Lot 2 (SE 14-47-28-W4M).

“On May 7, 2015 Administration held a Public Auction for all properties shown on the tax arrears list as per Section 418 MGA,” stated the memo.

“At the July 7, 2015 Council General Meeting, Council approved a motion to leave the current landowners on title for the property described as Plan 5017TR, Block 7, Lot 2 (SE 14-47-28-W4M) due to the outstanding Writ on title.

“A Canada Revenue Agency writ is currently on the title for $127,923 and associated costs of approximately $19,286. This writ would not be removed if the property was seized or sold and would transfer the liability of the writ to any subsequent owners.

“On October 28, 2019 correspondence was received from Canada Revenue Agency stating that they will remove the writ at the time of sale to enable the County of Wetaskiwin to sell the property to a buyer with a clean title.

“The County of Wetaskiwin will receive $22,497.74 from the sale to cover the outstanding taxes and associated costs and a certified cheque for all the remaining funds will be sent to Canadian Revenue Agency to satisfy their claim.”

Staff noted there were two ways for the county to approach this issue. “The property can be acquired as per Section 424 MGA. The County of Wetaskiwin would sell the property in order to collect the outstanding taxes then provide a certified cheque of all the remaining funds to Canada Revenue Agency.

“The property can be left with the current owner’s names on title. At some point Canada Revenue Agency may seize the property and be required to pay the back taxes to the County.”

Staff recommended that Council approve to make applications to the Registrar at Alberta Land Titles for final acquisition of the subject properties legally described as Plan 5017TR; Block 7 Lot 2 (SE-14-47-28-W4M) and councilors unanimously agreed to do so.