County of Wetaskiwin transfer donated land to Scouts Canada body

County of Wetaskiwin transfer donated land to Scouts Canada body

A.L. Siler originally asked county to hold land in trust in 1972

County of Wetaskiwin council transferred ownership of a donated piece of property as requested by Scouts Canada. The decision was made at council’s Jan. 28 regular meeting.

Councilors read a report in their agenda package regarding a donation that was made decades ago to the Wetaskiwin Boy Scouts club.

“In 1972, Mr. A.L. Siler donated to the Boy Scouts of Wetaskiwin, a portion of the NE 21-46-23- W4M (approx. 1.49 hectares/3.70 acres),” stated the agenda memo.

“At that time, the Boy Scouts were not allowed to hold title to any property, so the County agreed to hold the land in trust.

“An email was recently received from Doug Smith, Operations Manager, Scouts Canada advising that their legal counsel has advised that the draft lease is the trustee imposing conditions on the beneficiary to accept terms that are inconsistent with the beneficiary’s fundamental right to use, occupy, and benefit from the land.

“Mr. Smith advised that their legal counsel has suggested that the title of the land be transferred to the Property Society of Alberta, which is a bare trust for Scouts Canada properties in Alberta, and thereby remove the need for the proposed lease.

“Alternatively, Mr. Smith suggested that the County work with the Scouts on a revision of the lease based on the highlighted items in the lease. Further, if this is the option Council would choose, the Scouts would potentially ask the County to Indemnify Scouts Canada for the name of the Scout Hall.”

Councilors voted unanimously in favour of transferring the title of Pt. NE 21-46-23-W4M (Roll 78002) to the Property Society of Alberta.

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