County of Wetaskiwin turns down fee refund request May 14

County of Wetaskiwin turns down fee refund request May 14

Applicants appealed to government over provincial requirements

The County of Wetaskiwin denied an applicant’s request for fee refunds at the Planning and Economic Development council meeting May 14.

Director of Planning and Development David Blades presented a request from Doug and Debbie Hanson related to a subdivision application.

Blades stated in his memo to council, “At the November 8, 2018 Council for Planning and Economic Development, Council resolved to deny subdivision RW/18/29 for Douglas and Debbie Hanson within Lot 1, Plan 9722447 within NE 13-47-24-W4M to create a Country Residential lot of approximately 4.1 acres as it does not comply with Section 14 of the Subdivision and Development Regulation and the application did not receive the necessary variance in accordance with Section 14 from Alberta Transportation and that Administration provide a letter of support on behalf of Council for the applicant to the Municipal Government Board.

“As Council was advised at the April 11, 2019 Council for Planning and Economic Development, the Municipal Government Board denied the appeal and Council accepted the decision received from the MGB regarding the appeal as information.

“On May 8, 2019, Administration received correspondence from Mr. and Mrs. Hanson requesting a refund for their rezoning ($500.00) and subdivision ($1,050.00) application fees in the total amount of $1,550.00, which has been provided for review by Council.” Blades noted staff can grant such requests, and it had to come to council.

The letter, signed by Doug and Debbie, stated, “During our process for rezoning and subdivision, we as the applicants, met all the requirements for subdivision laid out by the County and unfortunately due to no reply from Alberta Transportation on referrals made by the County for waiver of ASP and rezoning we continued the subdivision process thinking there was no objections.

“If we had known of Alberta Transportation’s decision at the time of rezoning, we would have not continued with the subdivision and would have saved a significant amount of money and time on both our and county’s part.”

Blades pointed out the fees cover costs which the county incurred during the process, such as public advertising.

Councilor Kathy Rooyakkers stated the county has to cover its costs and has no control over what Alberta Transportation does.

Councilors voted to deny the request to refund the Hanson’s fees.