County road to ag facility requires traffic count

County road to ag facility requires traffic count

Removal of asphalt from R.R.#12 causing some consternation

The removal of failing asphalt from a municipal road near Pigeon Lake has caused some consternation for an agricultural society in the area.

At the County of Wetaskiwin Public Works council meeting Feb. 26, councilors heard an update from Director of Public Works Neil Powell about Range Road 12, which runs south from Hwy. #13 to the Lakedell Ag Society facility.

“On January 23, 2019, Rod Hawken, Chief Administrative Officer received a letter via email signed by the Lakedell Agricultural Society Board Members,” stated Powell in his report to council.

“The letter is requesting an update from the County on the official plan for Range Road 12.

“Lakedell Ag. Society is of the opinion that paving this road would enhance their facility, limiting dust and mud. The facility is used for many events which include weddings, rentals, curling, agricultural events and farmers market.

“In 2018, the asphalt was milled and salvaged from the paved portion of Range Road 12. The reason was due to ongoing subgrade and pavement failures which made the road unpredictable and unsafe for travel.

“The plan for 2019 is to conduct drainage improvements at the north end and brushing at the south end. The road will remain graveled and will receive dust control applications.

“Also, the County will arrange for geotechnical testing of the subgrade to ascertain the existing sub soil strata. In addition, two staggered traffic count events will be performed on RR 12, north and south of Hwy 13. This will provide background for future upgrades on RR 12 if deemed necessary.

“If the traffic count data and research supports the upgrade of RR 12 to a base and pave project, then the reasoning for upgrades and project cost will be presented to Council during the 2020 budget deliberations.”

During discussion, Powell added that the asphalt on that road was removed because it was failed badly and was requiring a lot of resources to maintain.

Councilor Kathy Rooyakkers agreed, saying, “We have patched it many times.”

He said this issue will likely come back to council in the fall of 2019 after the traffic counts are completed.

Councilors agreed to accept Powell’s report for information.