County says house being built too close to Coal Lake

County says house being built too close to Coal Lake

Development report states county staff investigate project under construction

County of Wetaskiwin council heard about a house being built too close to Coal Lake at their regular Planning and Development council meeting Mar. 14.

The development report for February, 2019 was presented by director of planning David Blades.

Too close to lake?

Blades noted in his report a number of site inspections were conducted by department staff in February. The first was described as, “R# 843.02, G&T Gibson, SW 36-46-23-W4M, Site Inspection was conducted to follow up with development permit conditions to make sure they were complaint prior to the applicant reapplying for their building permit.”

Blades noted the home did have a development permit; however, the county was concerned that the home is being constructed closer to the top of a slope overlooking Coal Lake than originally approved and as a result, it also appears to be partially located on an undeveloped road allowance.

Wood cutting

The second site inspection involved, according to Blades’ report, “R# 2571.00, SE 33-47-27-W4M, Inspection was conducted to determine build site for new house as well as operational area for proposed business for wood splitting.” Blades’ report also stated, “Land owners requested for names to be omitted from reports.”

Councilor Josh Bishop asked if the business in question met all requirements for operation. Blades responded that the wood cutting business complies with bylaws at its current location, has approved permits and meets all conditions.

RV storage

Blades noted that another inspection was completed in Westerose. His report stated, “R# 2699.21, Barry Dahleide, Plan 8220880, Block 1, Lot 11. Request to develop area for RV Storage, Hamlet of Westerose.”

During discussion it was stated the applicant is proposing an RV storage are on the south side of Westerose that includes about 10 acres of land.

Councilors accepted the report for information.