County star Ryan Laird coming to Falun Elementary School

County star Ryan Laird coming to Falun Elementary School

Rural schools participate in Bigger Than That youth empowerment program

Music has always been a way to reach peoples’ hearts and convey messages, and when it comes to bullying prevention that is one of the many resources used by Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools (WRPS).

Students of Falun Elementary School, Pipestone School, and Lakedell School will have the opportunity to be a part of the Bigger Than That Bullying Prevention and Youth Empowerment Concert on March 15; two-time Canadian County Music Award nominee Ryan Laird will be performing.

Family School Liaison Worker Kandice Wynia says the reason she is attracted to the program is two-fold. “What really caught my eye about the information they sent out is he is a county singer.”

Wynia feels with the county music students will better enjoy the program and resonate with the message. “His messages are about kindness.”

The Bigger Than That program focuses on teaching students to treat one another with respect and what to do if someone is bullying them.

Secondly, Wynia says she likes that the program provides lesson plans for teachers to go over with the students before the concert.

While the concert is being held at Falun Elementary School, Wynia says the community collaboration comes into effect with the two nearby schools also participating.

Throughout the program Laird talks about his own experiences being bullied in elementary school, how he overcame the struggle, and how he achieved his dreams by believing in himself.

“No student should ever have to worry about not wanting to go to school due to negativity,” says Laird.