Crime drops in Millet over 2016 year

Crime statistics under most categories are down in Millet, from 2015 to 2016, according to an RCMP report...

Town of Millet offices.

Town of Millet offices.

Crime statistics under most categories are down in Millet, from 2015 to 2016, according to an RCMP report given by Insp. Fran Bethell to town councillors during their Jan. 25 meeting.

Break and enters are down from 33 to seven, robbery from five incidents to one this year, theft under $5,000 was more than cut in half by decreasing from 86 to 40, theft of a motor vehicle went down to seven from 10, incidents of mischief decreased from 50 to 31, assaults decreased by more than half to 13 from 30, disturbing the peace is down from 16 to seven, from the seven missing persons in 2015 there were none reported in 2016, traffic accidents went down from 20 to 12 and false alarms decreased by three to 50.

“I’m very happy to report our property crime is going down in the community, and going down in all areas. Very dramatically in break and enters,” said Bethell.

“It’s really nice to see most of those numbers down,” said Coun. Mike Storey.

Regarding the recent armed robbery at Mickey and Minnie’s Liquor Store, Bethell says two individuals not from the area have been identified, “And charges should be coming shortly.”

There were seven sexual assaults in 2016 and just one in 2015. Bethell was asked about the nature of the crimes, whether it could be just one person committing multiple acts, but she stated she had not looked that extensively into the statistics.

Bethell says impaired driving continues to be a focus of the RCMP. “Folks still aren’t getting the message.”

“Generally it’s not getting any better. I don’t know if I’m in a position to say if it’s getting any worse,” she added.

Bethell told council 2016 saw an incident of an impaired driver dropping their child off at school in the morning.

In December the Wetaskiwin RCMP detachment initiated a Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) paper bag program. Students wrote on liquor bags, inscribing messages condemning drunk driving. Bethell says the bags were well received by the public and while the initiative mainly took place in Wetaskiwin, locals who shopped there would have seen the bags.

She added for next year it is hoped the project will be expanded into a wider area.