Damaged overpass repairs could be completed by fall 2018

Damaged overpass repairs could be completed by fall 2018

Still no date for Highway 616 overpass re-opening

Alberta Transportation estimates repairs on the secondary Highway 616 overpass west of Millet could be completed by the fall of 2018.

The department has no date yet on when the bridge will open back up for public use, and says to give a timeline would be speculation at this point.

“Regarding the Highway 616 overpass, safety is our number one priority and until we complete a full assessment of damage caused by the recent collision, the overpass will remain closed,” said Wayne Wood, communications advisor with Alberta Transportation, referring to the Jan. 17 collision and fire between a semi-truck hauling milk and the overpass.

On Feb. 1 Wood announced a complete on-site inspection of the bridge had been completed; the file has been turned over to an independent engineer for review and assessment.

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Alberta Transportation hopes it will be completed early in the week of Feb. 4.

“Following that inspection and assessment a decision will be made on whether to open the overpass to light vehicles or to keep it closed until repairs can be completed,” said Wood.

Wood explains experts are saying there is a possibility to have the overpass operating at 100 per cent again by the fall.

The Pipestone Flyer will continue to update the situation as Alberta Transportation releases more information.