Freedom Conservative candidate says voters will be his boss

Freedom Conservative candidate says voters will be his boss

David White says he admires the party’s grass roots dedication

The Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer contacted all candidates running for the Maskwacis Wetaskiwin constituency, asking them the same questions. Their responses will be published as soon as they are received.

David White, Freedom Conservative Party

1) Please tell the readers a bit about your background, including family such as spouse and children and occupation

I have been a life-long supporter of the people in my community regardless of race, religion or lifestyle. I have proudly and passionately served my community for the last 13 years as a paramedic, 20 years in EMS, 28 years in pre-hospital emergency services in both Alberta and British Columbia and I am privileged to have been able to care for and support a vast variety of communities, persons, and groups including indigenous peoples. I have been a staunch supporter of individual’s rights including my support of the LGBTQ2 and alternative communities. I am deeply committed to representing and advocating for the needs, wants, and desires of all those in the riding within which I am gifted to call home. I have shared in the challenges, pains, and concerns facing both business and private citizens alike in today’s economic and political climate.

2) What do you feel is the key issue in this provincial election?

I have been watching, with ever growing concern, the treatment and the management of Alberta, in regards to its peoples, resources, and economy. This current and ongoing distress being felt by the people of Alberta, regardless of location or ethnicity, has pushed me to become part of the solution and to make a difference. My primary concern is to improve the conditions we find ourselves in today.

3) Why did you want to run in this election?

Less than a month ago, I was sitting behind the wheel of my ambulance reflecting and listening to everything that was continuing to happen to us. It was an ongoing story that just seems to keep repeating itself, regardless of party or politician. One party comes in, one leaves, and little changes.

Alberta is not just hurting, it is starting to die. I have just started meeting the people of my constituency, and the stories are devastating. I have seen businesses with closed forever signs, people who lost jobs that were decades long in investment and lost years ago without any other job to fill the void, I have seen strong people fight to hold back tears and choke back the emotions, steeling their jaws and digging deep within themselves to find a strength that some would dare not even think possible.

And a few short days ago, I decided I simply had to do something! Not just sit idly by, but to actually do something.

I looked and found this NEW party, the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta … and I read. The more I read, the more it resonated, and the more I found that I found that something that I could do.

4) How well do you think Alberta’s economy has been handled over the past four years?

The carbon tax is money being taken on top of money being taken, in what would appear to be a constant feeding of an insatiable monster demanding ever more from every Albertan. Not only do we pay that tax at home, but the businesses in our Province pay, and as such if they have any hope of survival, have to increase their prices.

The environmental movement have been critical in advancing business practices to making our industry world leaders in ecologically conscious practices that would never have existed otherwise, and I do support ongoing environmental protections, however we need to continue to develop alternative energy programs in a steady, progressive manner.

Transfer payments taking billions of dollars away from us as we fight to stay alive, presuming that – naw … we are really just fine, then suddenly saying that they understand. In that ‘understanding’ they offer us back some of the billiions of dollars that they took from us, but as a loan, so we get to pay interest on the money they took away from us, to get yet even more money from us, and then still yet expecting even more.

5) If elected as MLA, what is your first goal?

The very rare and special thing about the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, is that there is no federal version of the party, thus no conflict between federal interests and provincial needs, but there is also no party whip. I can vote according to what they would expect from me. I would not be held back, I would not be stopped, and I would not be punished for fulfilling their expectations.