Grad yard signs lift spirits, supports Lacombe Food Bank

Grad yard signs lift spirits, supports Lacombe Food Bank

Painted Light Photography, Strand Media Corporation team up on initiative

Painted Light Photography in Lacombe has teamed up with Strand Media Corporation to help lift the spirits of local 2020 graduates while also supporting the Lacombe and District Food Bank with grad signs family can have on their lawns.

“I happen to have a graduate myself and the kids are beside themselves because they are getting in their grad gowns and tuxes, but we have no idea what is going on,” Owner Marlene Palamarek said. “We wanted to raise their spirits a little bit, while also raising money for the Food Bank.”

To create a customized yard sign, grad families can log on to the website and chose up to four different signs. They then send a jpeg to Palamarek and each sign can customized with local school colours.

“We customize them for all of the different schools and if anyone orders from Red Deer or Ponoka, the portion of their proceeds go to those food banks as well,” she said.

Palamarek said parents have responded positively to the initiative.

“They are loving it and I had one parent suggest get more of the schools on board and have them order any signs for the students that haven’t been able to order — possibly even put them on to the football field. That would be amazing and I’m going to discuss with that parent on how we can get that done,” she said.

Painted Light is stopping orders on May 14, after which they will announce their donation amount on Facebook.

“I am happy for everyone who has been able to take advantage of it and I can’t wait to see all of the signs on all of the lawns here in Lacombe and the surrounding areas,” she said.

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