Highway contractor announces bankruptcy Jan. 16

Highway contractor announces bankruptcy Jan. 16

Carillion says financial woes will not affect operations in Alberta

After news broke on Monday that highway maintanence contractor Carillion PLC had filed for liquidation, questions suddenly arose on the future of highway maintenance in eastern Alberta.

The contract with the British construction company remains unaffected at this time, after they were unable to come to terms on a financial restructuring plan to address a 1.5 billion pound debt.(2.57 billion dollars CDN) Carillion PLC employs around 43,000 people worldwide, of which an estimated 6,000 jobs are listed under their Canadian operations.

Carillion Canada spokesman Cody Johnstone said on Tuesday: “On Jan. 15, 2018, Carillion PLC announced that it has been unable to achieve a restructuring and as a result Carillion PLC and certain subsidiaries have been placed into Compulsory Liquidation. However, Carillion’s Canadian operations are not in liquidation and continue uninterrupted.

“Our employees, subcontractors and suppliers in Canada continue to be paid and we remain committed to delivering safe, quality services for our clients. Our Canadian leadership is currently assessing the situation and working with stakeholders to ensure continuity of operations.”

The Independent also contacted Alberta Transportation who provided this statement: “Carillion Canada is one of the highway maintenance contractors that works with the Government of Alberta to maintain Alberta highways.

“Carillion operates as an independent company in Canada with a three member board of directors. Alberta Transportation is in touch with Carillion Canada and monitoring the situation closely as its parent company in the United Kingdom goes into receivership. It is our understanding that Carillion’s business in Alberta will continue as usual unless we hear otherwise.

“In the meantime, Alberta Transportation is working on contingency plans in the event Carillion Canada is also impacted and can no longer provide maintenance services. Highway maintenance will continue in all regions of the province and driver safety will not be impacted. Drivers can be assured of a continued high standard of highway maintenance in Alberta.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the County of Stettler had not yet been contacted regarding highway maintenance in the area. As snow removal and maintenance on the highways are Carillion’s responsibility, the County is unable to assist unless they were directed to by Alberta Transportation.


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