Lacombe 14-year-old 3-D printing mask straps for frontline workers during COVID-19 pandemic

Reece Felt producing 50 straps per day for nurses, grocery store workers, other essential services

Lacombe 14-year-old 3-D printing mask straps for frontline workers during COVID-19 pandemic

A Lacombe 14-year-old is producing 3-D printed ear straps for frontline workers in order to help relieve some of the pressure caused by wearing masks for extended hours.

Reece Felt was looking up online things he could produce to help frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic when he came across the outline for the straps. After realizing they take about 10 minutes to print and are very helpful for essential workers like nurses, doctors, grocery store workers and other people who wear masks throughout the day — Felt decided to go into mass production, producing 50 masks per day, with current plans to deliver 650 masks to the front lines.

“These mask straps can go on pony tails or the top of the head and it holds the mask so it doesn’t hurt the ears as much,” he said

Felt said he decided to start producing the masks because he loves helping people and his interest in 3-D came from a young age.

When I was little, I saw them on a TV show. I then asked my parents if I could buy one. They said I was too young then but last fall my dad reminded me about it. I researched everything I needed for a week and then I bought my first printer after doing the research,” he said.

Reece’s father, Chris felt, said Reece spent all of his own money on the project and has since been able to add three printers to his fleet by doing projects such as printing tool holders for Matco Tools.

“Right now I am doing some custom design stuff for people making things like dog tags and key chains,” Reece added.

For this project, all the masks are being donated — with help from community members who have donated material to the cause.

“There was 100 of them that went to Calgary as care packages for frontline workers at AHS, grocery stores and other essential workers,” Chris said. “A nurse up in Edmonton who is involved with care packages for frontline workers received 100 of them and we have had people contact us through Facebook posts on the Lacombe pages.

“People who work for AHS and care facilities have contacted Reece.”

You can get in contact with Reece at

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