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Lacombe Rotary Club ends current exchange program in light of COVID-19

Rotary Clubs around Canada made the choice last Friday to end the programs

The Lacombe Rotary Club made the choice last week to end their exchange programs.

“Our student returned to the Netherlands on Monday. She is at home now and is self-isolating,” Rotary Club Member Ivor Bernatsky said.

Bernatsky said that the relative safety of Canada at the time led to many students and families feeling torn about returning to their home countries.

“Ultimately, the decision was made to send them back to their families while that was still possible. Our district, which runs south from Ponoka to the U.S. has an exchange with Italy. That exchange student remains in Canada and cannot fly home,” he said.

Bernatsky said parent and family choice was a critical deciding factor.

“The Lacombe student returned to Lacombe one week earlier at their choice. She is healthy and in self-isolation. All of the students have now been recalled,” he said.


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