Land re-zoned to accommodate new church building

Land re-zoned to accommodate new church building

County of Wetaskiwin council approves re-zoning at Malmo Church property

County of Wetaskiwin council approved a rezoning of land located on a church property to allow for a new building to be constructed.

The decision was made at the Planning and Development council meeting on Nov. 8.

“On August 22, 2019, Administration received an application from Dwayne and Wendy Pritchard on behalf of Malmo Covenant Church to rezone approximately four (4) acres (1.6 hectares) within NW 8-44-22-W4M from Agricultural (AG) to Institutional (IS),” stated the agenda memo.

“If rezoning is approved, the Applicant intends to purchase the property and conduct a lot line adjustment for the purpose of constructing a new building. The property is located at the corner of Highway 822 and Township Road 442.”

Staff noted referrals were sent out as usual.

“On September 12, 2019, referral letters were sent to West Central Planning Agency, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD), Alberta Environment, Alberta Transportation, and Administration.

“At the time of report submission, Administration received the following response regarding the proposed rezoning, which are as follows: Alberta Transportation ‘We have no objections in principal to the constructing a new building and/or proceeding with rezoning to purchase additional land. The department received an application in 2014 for a new church building and removal of the direct highway access and use the access of Twp 422 as the church entrance. The existing church does not currently meet the departments minimum setback requirements and the following comments were made: the setback requirements on minor two-lane highways are a minimum of 50 metres from the centre line or 30 metres from the property line, whichever is greater. Setback requirements are needed to help facilitate the future plans for the highway (i.e. road widening, etc.) The existing church was likely built before our policy on setback requirements were in place, but for any new developments we try to adhere to our guidelines wherever possible.

‘On the previous application, the new church building was proposed 25 metres from the centre line (or 10 metres from the property line). We asked for a 35 metre set back from the centre line (20 metre setback from the property line). At the time, the church committee provided feedback that they were only able to move the proposed church by another 5 metres to the west. This means that the proposed new church is located 30 metres from the centre line (or 15 metres from the property line). The department will require a 30 metres set back from the centre line if the highway access is removed and access is available from Twp 422.’”

Staff said it looked like an ASP wouldn’t be necessary.

“Administration notes that when proposals involve a subdivision beyond a first parcel, the need for an Area Structure Plan should be considered,” stated the memo.

“However, in this case, Administration does not foresee the need for an Area Structure Plan given that the land will be consolidated and not result in an additional lot being created nor will the use of the land change.”

The memo also noted the public was made aware of this application. “In summary, Administration notes that the proposal complies with the relevant planning provisions of the County of Wetaskiwin. Once comments were received from referral agencies/departments, a Public Hearing was set. The Notice of Public Hearing was advertised in the October 24 and 31, 2019 issues of the Pipestone Flyer. The Notice of Public Hearing was mailed to the landowner and adjacent landowners on October 17, 2019.”

Councilors unanimously approved three readings of the re-zoning bylaw.