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Leduc County Male Charged After Shooting at Vehicle


 On July 29th, 2011 at approximately 4:28 a.m., Leduc RCMP received a report of shots fired at a rural residence north east of Leduc.   RCMP immediately attended the location near Range Road 220 and Township Road 503. 

  The caller advised police that a known male had shot at  him and another male while they were in sitting in their vehicle.  Once police arrived on scene, they located a white Chevrolet Silverado in the middle of the road with the front bumper on the ground and what appeared to be a bullet hole behind the grill of the truck.

  After further investigation, it is believed that the three males  had been consuming liquor at a nearby shop belonging to one of the males.  A verbal dispute between the males broke out and one man became upset and went home.

  The two men then drove to the friend’s house with the intention of apologizing to the other male for what was said in the verbal argument which had just occurred.  Once in  the driveway, the lone  male was standing in his yard with a rifle and fired a round into the front of the friend’s truck.  He shouted to the men to get off his property.

  The male was arrested and taken into police custody without incident.  A search warrant for the residence was requested, granted and executed on July 28th, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.  Three firearms were located inside the residence one of which was reported as stolen.  Two of the three firearms were found to be loaded and not safely secured.  The male does not have a Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL).  In addition to the firearms, RCMP located what is believed to be a quantity of cannabis marihuana not greater than 30 grams.


 Ronald Kenneth BRINKMAN, a 39 yrs. old from Leduc County, AB is facing the following charges:


1. Pointing a Firearm (x2)

2. Mischief Endangering Life

3. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm (x3)

4. Use a Firearm While Committing an Offence

5. Unsafe Storage of a Firearm ( x2)

6. Possession of a Weapon Obtained by Crime

7. Discharging a Firearm With Intent to Endanger Life (x2)

8. Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose

9. Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marihuana)


 BRINKMAN was brought before a Justice however he did not speak to his release and was remanded into custody.  BRINKMAN’S next court appearance is scheduled for August 18th, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. in Leduc Provincial Court.


Leduc RCMP Locate Thousands of Stolen Credit Cards Numbers in House Raid


 On August 4th, 2011, the Leduc RCMP received information from the public regarding a male and female from Leduc who were in possession of fraudulent credit cards and gift cards.  Further investigation lead to the Leduc RCMP requesting a search warrant for the residence where the two individuals were living.

  The search warrant for the residence was granted and executed on August 4th, 2011 with the assistance of the Leduc RCMP Regional General Investigations Section.  Upon searching the home, RCMP located several items in the basement apartment that police believe were being used for the purpose of manufacturing fraudulent credit cards.  These items include but are not limited to computers, printers, storage devices, several credit cards in various stages of modification, fraudulent credit cards, fraudulent gift cards, sheets of blank cheques, blank T4 documents, health care cards belonging to other people, mail belonging to other people and digital images of other people identification documents were found on data storage devices. Also located in the basement was some Methamphetamine.

  Four people that were in the house at the time the search warrant was executed on the residence were taken into police custody.  Three of the four individuals  were released without charges.

  Peter James CROZIER, 38 yrs. old from Leduc has been charged with nearly 50 criminal charges thus far with many more charges expected to be laid.  The following is a list of charges currently before the court.


1. Possession of an Instrument for Use in Forging Credit Card (x33)

2. Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine)

3. Possession of Another Persons Identity Information

4. Possess/Traffic in Credit Card Data

5. Possess Identity Document That Relates to Another Person (x7)

6. Possession of Instruments for Forgery (x4)


 This matter remains under investigation.  The Leduc RCMP have only just begun searching through the storage devices and have already located thousands upon thousands of stolen credit card numbers. The Leduc RCMP will be requesting the assistance of the RCMP Technical Crimes Unit to search all the data storage devices and computers to determine how many additional charges will be laid against CROZIER.


 The Leduc RCMP would like to take this opportunity to remind the public that there are measures that can be taken to reduce the chance that you fall victim to an “Identity Fraud”.


Tips to Protect Yourself from Fraud


* Don’t leave your purse or wallet or personal documents in your vehicle.

* Don’t leave your wallet or personal documents in the pocket of your coat when you are not present.

* Carry only the ID you need and keep your SIN, Birth Certificate, Passport, etc. in a safe place.

* Remember your SIN number is only used for employment and tax reporting.

* Be careful about sharing personal information and don’t give out more than you need.  Particularly in dealings over the phone, internet or mail.

* Don't be afraid to hang up the phone, delete the email or close your Internet connection.

* Shield PIN numbers and never lend out any payment cards.

* Change your PIN number regularly

* Shred unwanted personal information such as bank statements, credit card bills, unwanted receipts, cheques, pre-approved credit applications and old tax returns. This will be taking a strong first step towards protecting yourself from identity theft.

* Choose complex passwords consisting of letters, numbers and symbols and never write them down or share them.

* Monitor your bank and credit card statement for accurate/ legitimate transactions.

* Cancel credit cards you do not use and keep a list of the ones you use regularly in a safe place.

* Request a copy of your credit report every 6 months and report any problems.  It can be obtained from Equifax (www.equifax.com) , TransUnion (www.transunion.ca) or, Northern Credit Bureau (www.creditbureau.ca).  Reports are free by mail or for a fee online.

* Never leave receipts at bank machines.

* Remove your mail from your mailbox as soon a possible after it is delivered and don’t leave mail lying around your residence or workplace.

* Don't purchase a product or service without carefully checking out the product, service and company.

* Don't be afraid to request further documentation from a caller so you can verify the validity of the company.

* Request written, detailed information, including references, from companies to research any offer.

* Be extra cautious about calls, e-mails or mailings offering international bonds or lottery tickets, a portion of a foreign dignitary's bank account, free vacations, credit repair or schemes with unlimited income potential.

* Don't be fooled by the promise of a valuable prize in return for a low-cost purchase.

* If a scam artist contacts you, or you've been defrauded, call Phone Busters, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre, at 1-888-495-8501.

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