Leduc splash park opening again

The Leduc splash park has re-opened after concerns over water conservation caused closure on Saturday.

UPDATED: Please be advised that the Leduc Spray Park will re-open to the public tomorrow, July 12 (City of Leduc)

If you want to beat the heat, you won’t be doing it at the Leduc splash park tomorrow, and possibly longer.

John Statton, of City of Leduc communications, stated in a press release July 10 the splash park will be shuttered Saturday, July 11. “We have that voluntary water ban in place,” Statton said from his office July 10.

Statton said the splash park is considered a non-essential water service, and in the spirit of the voluntary ban the park was closed. He said the same philosophy applies to all non-essential services like firefighter training which requires water.

The City of Leduc continues to ask the public to conserve water. Avoid washing vehicles unless it’s absolutely necessary and only watering your lawn once a week are two things citizens can do to help the dry conditions. Statton pointed out lawns only need to get two and a half centimeters of water a week; that’s about an hour of sprinkling.

Statton noted the splash park will only be closed Saturday; any further closures will be decided as conditions demand.

He also pointed out the Alexandra Outdoor Pool and LRC Aquatic Centre will remain open.