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Leduc Summer Parking Issues

Pipestone Flyer

During the summer months, LES receives a high volume of parking complaints from citizens, with many of the calls involving street parking. Parking space along a street, in front of any residence, is considered public parking and is not for the proprietary use of the respective household.

Other calls received by LES include:

• Parking over the prescribed 72-hour limit as set out in the Traffic Safety Act.

• Parking in disabled stalls.

• Parking in a way the obstructs driveway access.

• Parking on city park land.

Enforcement Services can utilize either the City of Leduc’s traffic bylaw or the provincial Traffic Safety Act to remedy any parking issues that arise. Remedial actions can take the form of verbal/written warnings, violation tickets, and/or towing. Please use consideration when parking this summer and contact LES with any concerns.