Liberal candidate for Drayton Devons says C-69 deeply flawed

Liberal candidate for Drayton Devons says C-69 deeply flawed

Ronald Brochu says Liberals support free enterprise and freedom of choice

The Wetaskiwin Pipestone Flyer contacted all candidates running for the Drayton-Devon constituency, asking them the same questions. Their responses will be published as soon as they are received.

Ronald Brochu, Alberta Liberal Party

1. Why are you running as a candidate for your particular political party?

I am running as an Alberta Liberal Party candidate because I want to make life better for all Albertans and be part of a strong responsible government.

2. Why do you think your political party is the best choice for Albertans?

Alberta Liberals are the best choice for voters because we support free enterprise and freedom of choice for individuals. We are not beholden to big unions or big corporations. We will not cut social programs like the UCP. We want to create good paying jobs for Albertans and rebuild the economy. We want to build pipelines to get higher prices for our resources that can only happen with proper consultation with indigenous peoples.

Reduce class sizes and more help to special needs students in schools. We want to improve health care for all Albertans that includes universal dental care and more resources for mental health. We will ensure a strong social safety net for seniors and for vulnerable Albertans. We will eliminate provincial personal income tax for 70 per cent of Albertans. We will bring in an 8 per cent HST to provide stable revenue and get Alberta off the resources roller coaster. We will protect the environment and safeguard land, water and air for all Albertans and for future generations.

3. What are the main topics (issues) your party would like to see addressed?

The main issues I will address as an Alberta Liberal MLA for Drayton Valley – Devon is: Creating good paying jobs for residents in the area and build oil and gas pipelines. Make major investments in post-secondary education and job training to out-of-work Albertans back to work by helping them learn new skills and trades. Amend the Equalization Payments Formula to treat hydro-producing provinces’ revenue generated by their hydro Crown corporations the same way we treat Alberta’s oil and gas royalties. The Alberta Liberals will diversify the provincial economy. We will grow other sectors like high-tech, agriculture, and our film industries. Protect our water supply and promote soil health and regeneration. We will boost organic matter and work towards reducing the use of herbicides and fungicides. We will encourage more producers to use multi-species cover crops where feasible. Alberta Liberals also want to protect our beef ranchers and dairy farmers by supporting animal health and access to markets.

4. What is our party’s thoughts on Bill 69, the carbon tax?

Amending and Improving Bill C-69: Bill C-69 is deeply flawed and must be amended to ensure clear processes for approving oil and gas activities.

Carbon Tax: Alberta Liberals will make the carbon tax revenue-neutral.

5. Short Bio: My name is Ronald Brochu and born and raised in Alberta. I was a senior tax auditor working for the Alberta Treasury Board. I am married and have two grown children and six grand-children. I do a cross-country skiing, camping and hiking.