Marvel at our wonderful wetlands: Coyote Lake

Local natural area a gem to be explored, respected: Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • Feb. 10, 2017 5:00 a.m.
Coyote Lake

Coyote Lake

Submitted by Nature Conservancy of Canada

Recognized every February 2, World Wetlands Day draws global attention to wetlands, which cover around six percent of the Earth’s surface. Wetlands protect and filter our drinking water, provide wildlife habitats, store flood waters to reduce property damage and maintain surface water flow during droughts.

“Wetlands deliver a one-two punch in our fight against the impacts of climate change,” says Dan Kraus, Weston conservation scientist at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). “Take the increase in extreme storm events and flooding. Wetlands absorb flood waters that spill from rivers and creeks and also remove sediments and pollution.”

Conserving these fragile lands protects them against further loss. To date, NCC has protected and restored more than 155,000 acres (67,762 hectares) of wetlands nationwide. Many NCC properties containing wetlands are publicly accessible, allowing people to marvel at their beauty.

One such area is located in The Pipestone Flyer’s coverage region: Coyote Lake Natural Area.

More than 22 mammal, 154 bird and 266 plant species inhabit this property. Located a few minutes west of Warburg and north of Highway #39, this conservation area is open to the public for daytime visits and self-guided hikes. Visitors can even take guided tours and group walks by appointment.