Mayor Wadsworth reflects on successful 2016 year

The Town of Millet saw a 2016 year that seemed to be 15 to 20 years in the making.

Town of Millet mayor Tony Wadsworth

Town of Millet mayor Tony Wadsworth

The Town of Millet saw a 2016 year that seemed to be 15 to 20 years in the making.

Mayor Tony Wadsworth says “without a doubt,” the biggest accomplishment for the town this year was the completion of town efforts to have EPCORE water supplied to Millet via Edmonton.

“The water will be turned on hopefully the middle of January,” said Wadsworth.

Wadsworth explained those serving Millet town council have been working for almost 20 years to get the town off well water and instead provide EPCORE water to residents.

“And it’s costing us 30 per cent less than we expected,” said Wadsworth.

Another achievement for the town is the Coppertree Lands.

The land, which falls within Town of Millet borders, is being sectioned up for reclassification to: medium density residential, low density residential, high density residential and direct control. First reading was passed at council’s Nov. 23 meeting.

Wadsworth believes the town is now in the final stages of an agreement needed to develop the land in the future for residents.

During the 2016 year the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools board came to a decision to close Millet School. Wadsworth says it has become a hot-button issue in town as to what will be done with the building when it is empty. “May people want to keep it.”

He added town council has yet to have a formal discussion on the matter as the building is still owned by the school division.

The re-dedication of the Royal Canadian Legion’s cenotaph in town is another positive accomplishment Wadsworth made sure to mention.

On the books for next year is the annexation between the Town of Millet and the County of Wetaskiwin. “It’s a major thing, for the town to double in size in one annexation,” said Wadsworth.

“And (it’s) a friendly annexation,” he added.

After waiting three to four years, by mid-January two pedestrian bridges in the Pipestone Park will be replaced. “Some of those have been closed for too long We’ve had the full area out of commission for too long,” said Wadsworth.

Another rising issue in the community is the matter of opening an off-leash dog park. “I think most people would agree we need an off-leash dog park but where do we (locate) it?” Wadsworth mused.

The Town of Miller meets regularly with the Wetaskiwin RCMP detachment to discuss crime prevention and enforcement tactics in hopes of making the area feel safer for residents.

“By and large I’m happy to say the crime wave we had 15 months has abated somewhat,” said Wadsworth.

However, he adds residents need to remain alert and vigilant, keeping doors locked and valuables out of site to deter criminals looking for crimes of opportunity. Another tip he gives is to leave exterior lights on at night. “They like to work in darkness.”